Friday, October 14, 2011

Boston Fashion Week SS 2012

     I've been posting recently about the designers' collections that I had the privilege of seeing at Boston Fashion Week this season, but I also want to give some highlights of my experience. I've never been to a fashion week before, so this was an amazing opportunity and I thank the designers that let me attend their shows and the friends (and of course my uncle) who accommodated me. Boston Fashion Week gets bigger every season, so it's exciting to take part in something that is growing so rapidly. I really hope more and more individuals become aware of it and that the city's interest in fashion continues to widen.

Saturday, September 24th - Mike & Ton was my first fashion show...ever! I didn't know much about fashion week and I didn't know anyone when I arrived at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, but luckily I met Amanda of The Catwalker who was also covering BFW for the first time! The shows were incredible and I was awestruck by the entire experience--there is something about seeing gorgeous clothes walking down the runway to the beat of blasting music that gives me goosebumps!

Amanda and I at the Mike & Ton and Michael de Paulo shows.
Thursday, September 29th - Almost a week later, I headed back to the Tent with my uncle Kurt to watch the Avni and Jeff Lahens shows. I met some of his friends that he has known since his Boston days and we went to the Rising Design Fashion Show at the Liberty Hotel afterwards. The Liberty was originally a jailhouse that has been remodeled into a posh hotel and now hosts parties in its chic lobby. The show there was wasn't a typical fashion show. It was more of a party with a fashion show happening in the middle of it. Models ascended up the escalator and posed on tables around the room, while party-goers munched on appetizers and sipped drinks from the hotel restaurant, Clink. After a night dressed-up and out on the town, my uncle and I finished with a midnight meal in Chinatown. It was definately one of the best nights I've had in Boston!

Sitting at the Avni show with my uncle.
We got front show seats!

Before the Jeff Lahens show with my uncle and his friends Cindy and Rob.

Outside the Liberty Hotel.
Rob and I at the Rising Design Fashion Show/Party.
My uncle and I at the show.

One of the looks during the fashion show.

Bouncers escorted each model to their next posing station.

Me in front of one of the old jail cells.

Our late-night dinner in Chinatown.

Trying jellyfish for the first time!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boston Fashion Week SS 2012 - Mike & Ton and Michael de Paulo

(courtesy of Russ Mezikofsky for mike&ton)

(courtesy of Russ Mezikofsky for mike&ton)

(courtesy of Russ Mezikofsky for mike&ton)

     Michael de Paulo was behind the designs of two shows in the same night this Boston Fashion Week. He collaborated with Tonya Mezrich for Mike & Ton, a unique line that is sleek and wearable, plus he created his couture collection. Both collections were very different. Mike & Ton's was a line-up of day-to-night separates and asymmetric dresses, while the Michael de Paulo collection consisted of elegant gowns inspired by the French Rivera.
     The metallics, silk, and wool used in the Mike & Ton show combined with structured sleeves and draped bodices made every look stunning, yet relatable to the audience. The thought in everyone's mind was that each look could have effortlessly walked off the runway and straight onto the streets of Boston. With one glance around the room, it was apparent that every woman there was thinking, “Wow, that’s so me!” or “I could definitely see myself wearing that!” as the outfits walked by. The showstopper of the collection was a tri-color pocket dress with blue and orange color-blocking, two colors that dominated the show.

     The Michael de Paulo show began with a harp solo, followed by a white satin and chiffon cocktail dress that set the mood of elegance and sophistication. Each gown had exquisite detailing and bold coloring. My favorite was the blue pleated ball gown that was one-shouldered and adorned with a chiffon flower on the strap. With so many different styles, there was a dress for every woman, whether she likes a simple evening dress or a decorative princess gown.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Boston Fashion Week SS 2012 - Jeff Lahens

     The Jeff Lahens show was a compilation of looks from Uniform Boston, Ball and Buck, Drinkwater's Cambridge, and Bobby from Boston. It was all about a man's original style and gave males the spotlight in a female dominated fashion week. Looks ranged from lumber jack to dapper businessman and touched upon everything in between. One of the most memorable pieces was a sportswear jacket with the Boston Bruins logo, earning a wild stream of applause. Not only did the clothing impress, but the models were hot too! They worked the runway with attitude, charm, and...good looks of course! Watch out Boston! We may see a menswear exclusive fashion week in the near future!