Monday, February 24, 2014

New York Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2014 Overview

          I'm finally writing about my second New York Fashion Week experience! Needless to say, a week full of fashion shows and events was followed by a week full of deadlines and catching up on sleep.

            I had so much fun in the city and have really begun to feel more at home there. Surprisingly, my affinity for NYC has taken a little time to unfold. Of course, it wouldn't be as enjoyable without the hospitality of my cousin and best friend, Maddie. She's shown me some great places and we've already made a lot of unforgettable memories, such as the time we tried meeting at a ferryboat party and ended up on opposite shores of Manhattan! But more on that later. Here's a little overview of the fashion week events I attended, people I met, clothes I wore and food I ate. I'll be posting about specific shows and designers soon.


What I wore: A gold, vintage blazer and green sweater layered over a blue button down, dark blue tuxedo pants, authentic Greek fisherman's hat, Badgley Mischka Julia Nappa satchel, and Superga sneakers (later had to change into winter boots due to the high snow banks and heaps of slush).

By Misha
Where I went: I attended the By Misha presentation at the Lali Lali Gallery in SoHo and met some very wonderful people. I interviewed the three designers featured and I met some fabulous fashionistas and bloggers. More details to come! 
That night: I was in pure euphoria. It was my first night in the city, I'd already met inspiring people, and seen beautiful clothes.
Beverage of the evening: Owl's Brew Tea with rum

William Okpo
What I wore: A new satin, floral dress I just ordered from Victoria's Secret. I was so eager to wear it that I didn't consider how light it would be on the coldest night of the week! It was insufficient even with leather accented leggings, Cole Hann ankle boots, a Cynthia Rowley cowl scarf, a beanie and a leather jacket.

Leather Japan
Where I went: I got lost in SoHo and missed my first show by ten minutes. Who knew exiting from the subway in the wrong direction could veer you so far off course? That evening I went to the William Okpo show. Just as I was gaining more confidence in my sense of direction, I forgot half of the address to the Leather Japan gallery opening and took two cabs to get to there.

Maddie and Daniel
 That night: Complimentary shuttles took everyone from the gallery to the after party that was to be on a ferryboat. I invited Maddie to meet me there and gave her the address we both thought was at the Chelsea Piers. Half an hour later, my shuttle stopped on Wall Street. Maddie was almost "there" but I wasn't leaving on the boat without her. I called her and we soon realized she was on the coast facing New Jersey and I was on the opposite facing Brooklyn. It was time to scratch plans and figure out new ones. I ran into the nearest Duane Reade to keep warm and charge my phone, got a cab, and finally met up with Maddie. At that point, all we wanted was warm pizza and a relaxing drink. So we ended the night at a cozy bar with her boyfriend and some delicious BBQ chicken pizza.
Beverage of the evening: Blue Moon


What I wore: A vintage, angora sweater dress on top of a printed skirt with fur winter boots, leather jacket, and a floppy, felt hat. Of course, I also carried my Badgley Mischka bag. 

Mega Mega Projects' AW14 Preview
Where I went: I stopped by the AW14 Preview by Mega Mega Projects and interviewed a couple budding jewelry designers. It was a very intimate event that focused on small collections of high quality craftsmanship. 

Zink Magazine fashion event
That night: I met Maddie at B & Co. in midtown for Zink Magazine's fashion event party. We had fun taking pictures of our outfits and catching up on our day.
Beverage of the evening: Cranberry and vodka.


What I wore: A red cable-knit sweater on top of a white button down with leather pants, fur boots, ruffled scarf, beanie and a wool, vintage coat. 

Doughnut Plant
Where I went: Late that morning, Maddie brought me to the Doughnut Plant to try what she told me were the best doughnuts ever. She was right! We had hazelnut, chocolate, chocolate chip and their Valentine's special, rose. Since we were fairly close to the next fashion week event I had on my agenda, she accompanied me to KOTUR's AW14 preview at the Standard hotel. It was quite the journey! There were puddles and slush at every intersection and it was impossible to get to the next block without stepping into eight inches of water. On our very wet way back to her apartment, we grabbed Mexican at a nearby food cart. My tacos were so delicious they made me forget all about those treacherous puddles. 

Maddie was invincible in her solid rain boots!
That night: While I'd been wearing my "waterproof" winter boots, they were no match for NYC puddles. I learned that a good pair of rain boots is an absolute necessity in this city. Maddie lent me hers for my last event of the week, Samantha Pleet's AW14 collection film premiere at the Wolverine store. I was really excited for this one because I'd covered her last collection in the fall. There was no way the weather would stop me from covering my first NYFW followup! More details to come!
Beverage of the evening: Red wine. 

Samantha Pleet


               My boyfriend came into the city for the weekend and I stayed until the following Tuesday. We had a really nice time together and between my internship work, we visited the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, had giant slices of pizza with Maddie and Daniel, took a slippery walk through Central Park, and ate lots of yummy bagels!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

BCBG Max Azria AW14

          BCBG is one of the shows that's had the biggest impression on me in these first few days of fashion week. Maybe it's just the cold weather getting to me, but I would love to wrap myself in one of their luxurious, fur capes or coats. While their outerwear was definitely the high point of their collection, I'm also digging the color palette. Everyone's been talking about pastels for winter and BCBG incorporated them in a very understated, approachable way. Soft pinks instead of bubblegum, stripes of aqua blue, and accents of orange all lent themselves to the greys, whites, and blacks. I usually gravitate toward the latter in winter, but I'd be willing to wear these more colorful pieces without a second thought. Additionally, their acid wash print was a pleasant reminder of burning wood -- the patterns made in logs as they become charcoal. Overall, this collection felt cozy and warm, making it one I'd be dying to get my hands on come fall.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rachel Roy AW14 - Favorite Collection of the Season?

          New York Fashion Week just launched this morning and I think I've already discovered my favorite collection of the season. I know it's a little early to tell, but Rachel Roy's AW 2014 collection was everything I've ever wanted for a fall wardrobe. She contrasted beautiful lace with colorful leather. We all know I've become addicted to black leather, so why not branch out a little? Roy mastered the art of layering using one-piece dresses to create the illusion of a multi-garment outfit. This would make getting ready for a hectic day so much easier! Together, with her vibrant florals and brocade, structural and cozy outerwear, and just the right amount of edge, Roy's collection encompasses my style perfectly. This sets the wearability precedent high in my book for the week's upcoming shows.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Studs, Leather and Destiny - The Story of My Badgley Mischka Handbag

          You know that feeling when you fall in love with an unattainable dress or pair of shoes? You just can't afford it, or at least not without killing your bank account, but you can't stop thinking about it. Once you leave the store you keep wondering if someone's snatched it up yet or if it's just sitting where you left it, waiting for you to come back for it. Well, that was me about a month ago! During a TJMaxx shopping trip, I'd found the most beautiful Badgley Mischka handbag in black leather with gold studs and hardware. I was in awe of how soft the leather felt and how perfect the bag was. It was down from it's original department store price, but was still out of my budget. Reluctantly, I put it back and settled for a quick snapshot to remember it by. A few weeks later, I found it again, same price, same disappointment.

            Yesterday, I went back to TJMaxx once more to search for this bag of my dreams, in hopes that it went on clearance. My heart began to sink when it wasn't on display where it was the week before. But after a little digging, I saw those gold studs peeking from behind a couple less-than-average handbags and grabbed it before anyone could take it away from me. It was on sale so with my Christmas gift cards, and some help from my generous parents, it was a realistic purchase. I was finally united with this bag that had been on my mind for over a month! 

             I am now happy to say that this handbag is a part of my treasured collection and I'll be bringing it along with me to New York Fashion Week in a few days!