Friday, June 29, 2012

The Best of Paris Fashion Week - AW 2012

     Most of the looks at Paris Fashion Week were monotonous. As much as they all stayed consistent with trends and silhouettes, a lot of them lacked originality and quirk. There was an epidemic of boxy jackets and leathery pants, some made the cut, others were simply overwhelming. The best way either of these were used well, was with balance. An assortment of more structured jackets to contrast the oversized ones kept runways like Lanvin's more approachable. Leather pants that were well tailored, not baggy, projected class at shows such as Barbara Bui. In addition, plenty of metallics, peplums, fur, and suits were highlights of the week.

1. Kenzo

The look: A Quirky Interior
Key elements: zig-zags, stripes, asymetrical skirts, oversized tweed coats, fruit prints

2. Barbara Bui

The look: Western Meets Oriental
Key elements: tassel belts, oriental prints, leather pants, oversized jackets, military-inspired

3. Paco Rabanne

The look: Go-go Rocker
Key elements: metallics, shift dresses, feather-like fur, sheer overlay, leather

4. Elie Saab

The look: Urban Elegance
Key elements: metallics, jumpsuits, structured tailoring, slit-down-the-leg gowns

5. Lanvin

The look: Polished and Posh
Key elements: lace patterns, colored fur, peplums, skirt suits, leather

6. Pierre Balmain 

The look: Sophisticated with Edge
Key elements: oversized coats, structured suits, slim pants, leather

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the Mood for Ombre

     One of my favorite trends lately has been ombre...and I mean ombre everything! It's like mixing a pattern trend and color trend, yet there are so many ways to do it. About a week ago I wanted to try something new with my nails so I went with a blue ombre pattern, dabbing three different shades to create the gradient effect. After I was satisfied with my nails, this weekend I took my obsession a little further. Normally, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my hair. I've never dyed it, haven't had it shorter than my shoulders since I was nine, and resort to the most maintenance-free styles. But I kept thinking I wanted something a little edgier than normal for summer, so my cousin dyed half of my hair lighter. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly, I wasn't even nervous! The shade turned out not too drastic but still noticeably lighter. It's just what I needed to add a little more excitement to my look! After we dyed each other's hair we had a little a tub.



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best of London Fashion Week - AW 2012

      A lot of unique prints and intriguing silhouettes were on the London runways. I liked the little details that designers included, like David Koma's metal buckles and the burned fabric at Giles. The theme at Issa was a bit lost, pulling inspiration from just about every destination on the map, however individual pieces were still promising. While the looks at Mary Katrantzou practically belong in an art gallery, the models at Burberry could've walked straight from the runway onto the Strand.

1. Felder Felder

The look: Glamorous in the Desert
Key elements: acid prints, shearling jackets, bodysuits, metallics, earth tones, fringe

2. Giles

The look: Burning Estate
Key elements: cinched waistlines, high collars, velvet, burned fabric, layering

3. David Koma

The look: Power Socialite
Key elements: peplum silhouettes, structured collars, metal buckles, cutouts

4. Matthew Williamson

The look: First Lady Tribal
Key elements: sparkly mosaics, gold pants, cut-out sheath dresses, fur, ankle boots, turquoise
5. Mary Katrantzou

The look: Contemporary Art Exhibit
Key elements: mixed prints, structural dresses, peplums, ruffles, neon yellow, turquoise

6. Burberry Prorsum

The look: Tailored and Whimsy
Key elements: rugby stripes, velvet, bow belts, ruffled skirts, animal tees, newsboy caps

7. Temperley London

The look: Polished Folk
Key elements: fur hats, A-line skirts, metallics, floral embroidery, sheer overlay, embroidered belts

8. Issa

The look: Mod Globetrotter
Key elements: paisley, bodysuits, fur hats, mixing patterns, metallics