Sunday, September 27, 2009

Erin Fetherson Brings Back Memories

Erin Fetherson brought together a runway show that seemed to be inspired by the 1940's. It reminded me of clothes that you would find in your grandmother's attic while playing dress-up as a child. The lace gloves and tea hats are like the quintessential accessories that finished your outfit. Fetherson also incorporated some pieces that make her collection modern with a tulip-style brocade dress, a ruffled jumpsuit, and black booties. As I see the models in these old-fashioned inspired looks, I can just feel the summer breeze while sitting on my grandmother's porch, the smell fresh lilacs in a crystal vase, and the taste of tea in dainty tea cups.

My predictions: Time after time, designers are always reflecting back to the trends of yesteryear. There's something about the class and simplicity of past decades that is never out of style.

Erin Fetherson

My grandma and I would have little tea parties and I'd dress up in her clothes. I remember wearing her clip-on earrings that I loved. She's the main reason I grew up to love pearls, and to this day they're my favorite things to put on my ears!
What are some of your dress-up memories?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ripped Tights-Best When Worn with Black Boots

One trend that's lots of fun right now is ripped tights. They look good with the wildest of your outfits, or the simplest. They can give a little bit of grunge to a girly outfit, or add to your all-out rocker look. The best part of this trend? It can be totally free! You really only need a plain pair of black tights you don't wear anymore and scissors. While you are wearing them, snip big holes, little holes, medium holes, whatever floats your boat! Then, tug on the tights, pulling the holes away from each other, to create runs. An easy DIY project like this is customizable so you can make them the way you want. You can slash holes all around your tights or just give them a few tears. Whatever look you go for, these tights will give any outfit loads of spunk and get you double-takes as you strut your stuff!

Ripped tights look great with black ankle boots, florals, bright colors, jean skirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, short dresses, and layered necklaces.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charlotte Ronson Creates the Ballerina in the City

I just love Charlotte's spring line! For one, the colors were all so fresh and girly, while the clothes themselves kept an 80's vibe. The designer said, "It's classical meets street." Her whole collection revolves around a girl who carries herself gracefully, but wears downtown chic without having to be a rock star. I'm a huge fan of switching your day-to-day style up and who says us classy girls can't rock the streets too? Charlotte did a good job mixing some of fall's biggest trends (bold shoulders, cage heels, leather, and menswear-style jackets) with newer looks and accessories.

My predictions: The whole 80's style has been back in for a while, but Ronson's way of redefining it makes it more fun. She's begun a totally new style of girly ballerina meets urban get-up, without compromising too much of either. Definitely one of my favorite designers this season!


Charlotte Ronson

Yesterday I was inspired to create a Charlotte Ronson worthy outfit, complete with a ballerina bun and braided headband.

Stay tuned for a DIY on how to make this cute headband!
You'll never guess what I made it out of!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spring 2010 Runway Review: Fresh and Classic at Badgley Mischka

The first post I ever wrote was on Badgley Mischka's 2009 spring collection, so I decided to kick-off my Spring 2010 runway reviews with their classy ready-to-wear line. Many of the looks had loose or bunched up fabrics accompanied by cinched waistlines, which in my opinion, is the best way to go for a simple, chic look. There was some experimenting with sleeves that I thought gave originality to otherwise plain tops. My favorite part of their collection is that they emphasized necklines with gorgeous, big necklaces. The bathing suits had a relaxing, beachy feel that also reflected with natural make-up and pulled back hair. Overall, not a lot going on, but a fresh and simple look is always good for spring.

My predictions: I didn't see much new trend potential, but rather repeats from fall's runways. Although classy is always in, there wasn't a lot that I haven't already seen.


Mark Badgley and James Mischka