Friday, September 28, 2012

Knit Headscarves Collection

     Forget hats and the hat hair that comes with them! This winter, I'm bundling up in DIY style! Over the summer I worked on three knit headscarves for the colder months. I pulled inspiration from headscarves all around the internet, from Urban Outfitters to Lookbook, to style blogs. I then found several different yarns I liked, matched each one to a specific style or stitch I wanted, and created the scarves sans instructions (if you've seen any of the sewing projects I've done you're probably familiar with my loathing of patterns). They were all really easy to make so I was able to mindlessly knit away while I watched movies or seasons of Sex in the City. 

Just a basic garter stitch and cinched in the middle.

I used two wool yarns together, working them into a ribbed patchwork
pattern, then twisted the piece in the center.

Cableknit in the center with a stockinette stitch on the sides.
The alpaca yarn makes this headscarf super soft!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do the Twist

Twist Front Body Con Dress - Charlotte Russe - $14.99
     Midriff baring dresses have been my latest favorite in dress styles. Last month I bought a patterned one with a cut-out, crisscross middle, then right before I went back to school I made my latest DIY. I've had this sweatshirt/tunic thing in my closet for a long time, and back when I was a sophomore in high school I could wear it as a dress. Since then, I've gotten too tall to pull that off, so I decided to repurpose the garment in order to appropriately wear it as a dress again. With a bit of cutting, twisting, and knotting this is what I came up with...


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Obsessions

      It's officially fall, and while I'm in denial of the lowering temperatures, I am looking forward to sweaters, layering, scarves, and boots. By now, everyone is well aware of the main trends this fall, but I thought I'd focus on the pieces from the fall runways that I am completely obsessed with!  
A comfy, boxy sweater from Rochas.

Rag & Bone made brocade tough and edgy with leather.

Everything about Proenza Schouler's collection was amazing.

I love that this piece allows you to wear a skirt and a dress together.

My favorite! It's like beautiful origami in dress form!

These leather sleeves are just amazing!

Slit up the leg with a bit of lace at Paul & Joe.

This delicate Nina Ricci sweater is a must-have! these shoes! They are my absolute favorite pair of shoes from the fall runways! They're Kat Maconie for Felder Felder and the coolest shoes I've seen in a long time! Jessie J wore them to the Queen's Jubilee concert and I freaked out because she looked so stunning in them.

I like this idea of wearing a bodysuit under a dress or oversized sweater seen at Issa.

Burnt hair ribbon at Giles -- a romantic twist to a simple ponytail.

This Dries Van Noten parka looks both warm and versatile, but the fur collar is the best part!

I love cable knit, so this Derek Lam sweater is a fabulous, cable overload!

It's going to take me a while to get sick of ombre. Until then, these Collette Dinnigan pants are a unique approach to the trend.

A very different way to do a drop waistline at Chalayan, so cool!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration: Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Strapless Lace Dress - $88
     Whenever I watch old movies, of course it's the clothing I pay the most attention to. Singing in the Rain is my favorite musical and I wouldn't watch it over and over if the costumes weren't absolutely fabulous. Audrey Hepburn certainly didn't need a wardrobe to make her career a success, but it's what made every one of her major movies iconic.
      Recently, I watched a couple "Gidget" movies from the 1960s. After getting over the corny scripts and less than stellar acting, there's a certain enjoyment to take away from the whimsicality of these films. Set in a decade I love to pull inspiration from, there were plenty of retro fashions to make it worthwhile. My favorite dress was in Gidget Goes Hawaiian -- a red, strapless party dress worn by the snob Gidget befriends on vacation. The skirt of the dress is tiered lace and a prim little bow cinches the waistline.
      Only a few days after watching this movie I found a modern version of this dress on Victoria's Secret. No surprise that I was browsing their summer dresses, right? It's a perfect interpretation of the movie look and would be adorable for any summer party. However, at $88 I think I'll wait for it to go on sale!