Friday, September 28, 2012

Knit Headscarves Collection

     Forget hats and the hat hair that comes with them! This winter, I'm bundling up in DIY style! Over the summer I worked on three knit headscarves for the colder months. I pulled inspiration from headscarves all around the internet, from Urban Outfitters to Lookbook, to style blogs. I then found several different yarns I liked, matched each one to a specific style or stitch I wanted, and created the scarves sans instructions (if you've seen any of the sewing projects I've done you're probably familiar with my loathing of patterns). They were all really easy to make so I was able to mindlessly knit away while I watched movies or seasons of Sex in the City. 

Just a basic garter stitch and cinched in the middle.

I used two wool yarns together, working them into a ribbed patchwork
pattern, then twisted the piece in the center.

Cableknit in the center with a stockinette stitch on the sides.
The alpaca yarn makes this headscarf super soft!

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