Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Denim Cutoffs - Sequin Party Shorts

          The final pair of denim shorts I made this summer took the longest to make. I must have spent at least 12 hours sewing each individual strand of sequins on one side...then again on the other side.

          Needless to say, I did not tackle this project all in one day! I spent a few hours a day on my bedroom floor stitching sequins and listening to a Pandora station of The Weeknd, Trey Songz, Drake and Miguel. The perfect music, of course, to listen to while embellishing what I have deemed my Party Shorts. Since sequins aren't a typical, everyday adornment, I designed these for special occasions and nights of dancing. I discovered they look best with a simple tee to offset the sparkle and low heels so as not to look too "club-y."

Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Denim Cutoffs - Rockstar Style

          The next pair in my series of DIY denim cutoffs was a rockstar style, complete with studs, dye and a little sparkle. For a grungy look, I ripped the bottom edges and dip-dyed the bottom of the shorts. Then, I covered one back pocket with trim and glued star studs to the front with fabric glue. It was a pretty simple design, but time consuming no less.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Denim Cutoffs - Hippie Style

           I've had less time for sewing this summer (as well as blogging) since I've been freelancing, interning and endlessly apartment hunting for the upcoming school year. However, I still managed to make a few pieces before I left home for a month with my older sister in NC. My first projects were actually due in part to my sister, as I found a few pairs of her high school bell-bottoms in a pile of  old clothes. I've wanted to revamp old pairs of jeans into embellished, cutoff shorts for a while, so the hardest part was deciding which of my ideas I would choose.

            For the first pair, I created a hippie-inspired design with trim, embroidered flowers, iron-on appliques and lace. I had a little trouble with some of the iron-ons sticking, so I secured them with fabric glue. Other than that, I was really happy with how they came out!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY: Valentino SS14 Embellished Leather Headband

        One of my favorite Spring 2014 collections as a whole was Valentino. It had all the cornerstones of my spring wardrobe -- lace, crisp collared shirts, bohemian prints, suede and strappy sandals. But what really finished every look was the red headband atop each model's head, embellished with studs. The studs reminded me of some gold crest buttons I had and I immediately decided to recreate the Valentino headband.

Photo credit: Style.com
        You can create your own embellished headband by following my DIY "how-to" below. To start, you will need a plain thick headband, red suede or leather fabric, fabric glue, a sewing needle, thread, fabric scissors, and gold buttons.

Step 1: Cut the leather fabric into a rounded strip that will cover the headband.
Step 2: Position the fabric on the headband and tack it in place with glue on just a couple edges. 
Step 3: Sew each button onto the fabric, matching the Valentino pattern. The number of buttons you use is up to you, depending on how closely you space them. Make sure they are sewn securely. 
Step 4: Once all of the buttons are sewn, glue the rest of the fabric edges to the headband. Pull the fabric taut as you glue to ensure everything will stay in place. 
Step 5: This is an additional step, so you may not find it necessary. The buttons I used are a bit bulky so they moved around and jingled on top of my head. Since I'd rather not sound like a Christmas caroler, I tacked each button in place with fabric glue.

       Once I finished my headband, it was time for a photoshoot! I put on my most Valentino-esque outfit -- a sleeveless oxford, a new patterned maxi dress and t-strap pointy toe heels. I figured I couldn't go this far without the ear-covering, low ponytail, so I sprayed back any flyaways and completed the look. Thanks to my talented brother for the photos!

Photographs courtesy of J. Ortakales Photography

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Look: Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Released Today

          Warby Parker is well known for their thick framed glasses, but now they're offering a delicate collection of sunglasses with help from supermodel, Karlie Kloss. A driven, businesswoman herself, Kloss collaborated with the brand to create three styles for $145 each. Proceeds will benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization close to Kloss that provides kitchens and gardens to low-income public schools so students can develop healthy and sustainable habits. And as always, for every pair sold, Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

          Not only can you buy these sunglasses with a clear conscience, but they're some of the most stylish pairs I've seen in a while. I was just out shopping for sunglasses today and noticed how prominent thick, bulky styles are. But I've recently grown to prefer thinner, aviator styles, so I like that Kloss' are a trendier take on classic aviators. Each pair has a unique lens shape -- Clara is round, Marple is angular and Julia is the standard aviator. The lenses also come in colors like indigo, sepia, copper, slate and violet clover.

Peruse the exclusive product images below and shop the collection online or in stores.
Check out all of their women's sunglasses here.

Clara - heirloom silver with sepia wash lenses

Clara - heirloom gold with copper fade lenses

Marple - heirloom gold with violet clover lenses

Marple - heirloom silver with faded slate lenses

Julia - heirloom gold with copper fade lenses

Julia - heirloom silver with indigo wash lenses

Photos courtesy of Warby Parker