Styling Portfolio

          I've been styling hair, makeup, and clothes for a couple years now. I actually didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do. I stumbled upon it when I joined the Fashion Society at Emerson College and was hooked by my first photoshoot. I love the behind the scenes excitement of getting that perfect shot or finishing a model right before she walks onto the runway. There are so many new techniques and looks to try and the job is always changing. One day, I might have to do dark and edgy makeup, the next I'll have to do a classic 50s look.

           Within the past year, I've branched out to styling movies and tried my hand at special effects. It's a very different atmosphere being on set, but just as valuable experience.

Check out my portfolio below to see all my styling work!

Hair, makeup, and special effects for "Villain" student film
January 2014

Wardrobe, hair, and makeup for "Alliance" web series
August 2013

Wardrobe, hair, and makeup for "Spilt Coffee" student film
April 2013

Style Editor of Atlas Magazine editorial spread
March 2013

Hair, makeup, and clothing for Taylor Gilroy in Emerson's Next Top Model*
February 2013

Styled hair, makeup, and clothes and wrote article in Your Magazine 
January 2013

Competed in Fashion Society's Style Wars*
December 2012

Hair, makeup, and clothing for Will Sutner in Emerson's Next Top Male Model*
November 2012

Styled and wrote article for Atlas Magazine 
October 2012 

Hair, makeup, and clothing for Ellen Duffer in Emerson's Next Top Model*
February 2012 

*These projects were not solely my own work and involved partners.

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