Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Look For Less: Rachel Bilson

Rachel is notorious for wearing her beanies during cold weather, and no matter what she wears them with, she always looks great. This casual weekend look is just as easy to achieve as it is laid-back and practical. The ruffles balance out the edgy ankle boots so you get the best of both worlds. My favorite part is that I was able to find an almost identical ruffled sweater online at Victoria's Secret. It comes in a variety of colors, so if you want something different than plain black, a bolder color would make this look more fun. Plus, it's so warm and comfy, who's stopping you from buying it in every color?

ASOS-ribbed oversized beanie-$17
Banana Republic-petite skinny medium wash jean-$89.50
Victoria's Secret-boucle ruffle sweater jacket (comes in other colors)-$14.99
Old Navy-women's handkerchief tank-$12.50
Forever 21-may suedette ankle boot-$26.50

Total Outfit Cost: $160.49
Rachel's Boots: $499

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspirations for Today

Today started with no Internet access, a slip (and unpleasant fall) down my icy walkway, a sad ending to my favorite class ever, and a rush to driver's ed. But hopefully, with a little inspiration, my week will turn out okay!

Did anyone see Emily Blunt's Dolce and Gabbana dress on the Golden Globes? I love, love, loved it! Not only did she look great on the red carpet, but Emily looked stunning last night when she was on Jay Leno. But I wasn't as struck by her dress as I was her accent. It's the perfect balance between too posh and too Cockney. I sooo wish I could jet off to England and pick-up that accent with the blink of an eye. I was also impressed by her wit and humor she held on camera. Not many celebrities that go on late night shows (or any appearance for that matter) can find things to talk about that don’t include their career or a charity they support. Emily managed to get the whole audience laughing with her story of when she got pulled over in LA, complete with a hilarious impression of the cop who was terrified of her UK driver’s license.

picture via Clothes Horse
Yesterday, I discovered the blog Clothes Horse and loved how she made several outfits around one dress. Then, noticing her impressive list of sponsors and number of followers, my first reaction was to be jealous of how successful her blog had become. But then I realized that it’s people like her who make blogging so marvelously rewarding. I wrote her an email asking her advice on how to make my blog better and she replied with a very kind and helpful response!

silk jacquard bow dress-$398

This cute little Behnaz Sarafpour dress was another Gilt Groupe find of mine. It’s pretty hard to go on that site and not find something totally amazing, but it’s even harder to find the money to shop with…so I guess it might be a good thing that almost everything is out of my reach or I would have a lot of impending debt before I even got to college!

Hope everyone's week is lovely so far!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wintertime Hippie

tank and sweater-Aeropostale
skirt-Abercrombie and Fitch
boots-Banana Republic
*also wearing a headband I made*

The remnants of our poor snowman.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Make-up Trend

Every season, Karl Lagerfeld sweeps us away with the classic looks on Chanel runways, but this multi-label designer impressed everyone with his Fendi Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear line. With pastels in every make-up color, laid-back up-do's, tulle, and embroidered granny handbags, there wasn't a bit of Karl's typical bad-girl look. So this season's new colors? Anything that matches your skin tone! Cute frocks and simple dresses in nudes and rosy pinks are the perfect attire to get the Fendi look, while adding a vintage bag and tied up platforms keep it laid-back and girly.

I absolutely love these shoes!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Girl Can Wear Pink While Skiing, Right?

Last weekend was my final couple days of vacation. I'd spent plenty of time vegging out in my robe and slippers all week, so it was time for me to embrace the snow outside. I went cross-country skiing with my dad and sisters, and never giving up a chance to come-up with a cute outfit, I started with the essentials then added girly, yet sporty, touches. My basis was black leggings and layers of shirts under a sporty, fitted jacket. I put on pink socks to keep my toes warm and a matching headband to keep the chill from my ears. I dashed around the house looking for a cute vest, but I couldn't find one that didn't clash until I remembered a hound’s-tooth one I bought last winter. It was thick enough, while the stylish black and white pattern made my look complete.

We had a lot of fun skiing through the woods behind my house and, although I haven't spent much time on skis, I started to really enjoy the sport. I'm not the most graceful skier, my older sister skied when she was younger and my eight year old sister has taken to it so quickly that at this rate she'll be in the Olympics in a few years! I, on the other hand, am the least poised and I tend to loose my balance easily. Let's just say by the time we were back home, I was covered in fluffy snow and had too many bruises to count. But that won't prevent me from getting back on those skiis! Hopefully we can go on another weekend escapade so I can better my skills and someday survive going downhill without falling on my back!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Items or Less

Even if you don't have the chance to go shopping often, you can still find new ways to wear your clothes without spending a dime!

 Here's your challenge:
Go to your closet and close your eyes. Pick out a few random pieces and then open your eyes. You now have your first items to work off of. Continue to pick clothes you think would go well with the first ones until you have 10 pieces total. Now make as many outfits as possible using these and any other accessories or shoes!

 I was amazed by how many outfits I was able to make and how different each look was. I went for a simple color palette with a few touches of pink and blue. This worked well for my first time doing this, but next time I want to add some more interesting colors and patterns for more playful and bright looks.

These are the clothes I picked out...

  1. black cardigan-Banana Republic
  2. little black dress-Rue 21
  3. striped dress-Old Navy
  4. striped button-down-American Eagle
  5. striped jacket-thrift store find
  6. gray sweater-Aeropostale
  7. white shirt-Forever 21
  8. v-neck sweater-Aeropostale
  9. gray skinny jeans-PacSun
  10. blue shrug-Old Navy

 ...and I was able to make nine outfits out of them! I probably could've kept going if I hadn't needed to go to bed. It was like playing dress-up and I couldn't stop thinking of ways to wear the clothes.

Outfit #1-Date Night

Outfit #2-Party Time

Outfit #3-Goofing Off in Study Hall

Outfit #4-Sightseeing

Outfit #5-Shopping Day

Outfit #6-Playing in the Snow

Outfit #7-Miss Daisy

Outfit #8-Workin' for the Money

Outfit #9-Rock Concert