Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Man of Many Talents

    Anyone who has talked to me lately (or has seen my Facebook wall) knows about my latest obsession. No, it's not clothing or one of my favorite designer's pre-fall show. It's not even a pair of shoes!! Gasp! In fact, this new obsession is (in my opinion) the hottest male model to ever walk the earth!

     Clearly, the fashion industry revolves around female models much more than their male counterparts...but there are many of these talented guys we tend to overlook. Baptiste Giabiconi was a former metal worker at a helicopter plant in Marseilles, France before he was discovered by the modeling industry (WMagazine). His big break? Being noticed by fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld! If that doesn't put someone on a path to success, I don't know what would!  Like the other fascinating people that have caught Lagerfeld's artistic eye over the years, Giabiconi has become his number one muse and is now the male face of Chanel and Fendi. Only 21 years old, he has already appeared in countless editorials, modeled for several fashion houses, and is currently the most successful male model in the world on  the list of the Top 50 International Male Models ( Impressive for a man who's only been modeling for three years!

     Now you may be thinking Giabiconi's career is at its peak and soon he'll fade away into the abyss of long-lost fashion stars. Well not if you've heard his single, "Showtime." Yup, incredibly attractive and now launching a singing career! Watching his music video was the moment that I first found out about him and I haven't been able to stop listening to his song since then (I've had it on repeat for two straight days, no joke)! He won't be releasing his album until March 2011...which is a long time to wait! But for now, we have this...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Very Hollywood


     I have two collections that contain some of my most prized possessions...a collection of Shakespeare's plays that I add to nearly every time I go to a book sale and an ever-growing collection of perfume. Every Christmas I get a new fragrance. Last year I got the Satin fragrance from Victoria's Secret, which I love as my all-around, soft-smelling perfume. The year before that, I got Love Rocks from Valentino, which I save for special occasions. And three years ago, I got Pleasures from Estée Lauder, which is my fresh-feeling perfume that keeps me relaxed. In addition to those, I have numerous body sprays and mini-perfumes from Victoria's Secret, a mini bottle of Coach's Legacy, and a couple random fragrances. Needless to say, I sort of like perfume!

(photo credit:

     This Christmas, I got a perfume I've been wanting to try for a long time. I must admit, when it comes to perfume, I usually judge it by its bottle...and when I first saw an advertisement for Very Hollywood by Michael Kors in one of my magazines, I was immediately drawn to it's glimmering, pink, shiny bottle! I couldn't help wanting to know what was inside this gorgeously designed glass that looked good enough for a 1950s movie star! Then, I imagined how cute it would look with all my other perfumes sitting on my vanity. On Sephora you can get a 1.7oz. bottle of the fragrance, as well as a body lotion, all in a fabulous box for the same price of $65 for just the bottle of perfume. Plus, always ships orders over $50 for free! Quite the bargain for all that yummy smelling goodness!

(photo credit:

     But now, for the most important aspect of the perfume--the smell itself! Commercially, it is described as a sparkling mandarin, gardenia, and vetiver scent "suited to a silver screen siren," but in all honesty, I've never been able to identify notes of certain fragrances or identify flower scents other than roses, lilacs, and violet. For me, it's the combination of everything that counts. At first, the scent reminds me of something my grandmother would wear (which isn't a bad thing because she has always worn very classy perfume), but as it warms up on my skin it lets out a younger, more playful aroma. It's not only girly and floral, but it also brings out a flirtier scent that I really like. Overall, this perfume gets my stamp of approval and I'm glad it gets to be a part of my collection!

     One more great thing about this was made it the US! Imagine that--Americans still have jobs because of designer perfumes! This not only gives a little piece of mind, but it also adds to Michael Kor's all-American style and authenticity of his label. If you don't have the money to buy designer clothing, buying your favorite designer's fragrance is the next best thing. There is nothing like the quality you get with handmade, designer clothing and perfume is no different. You don't need to break your bank account to feel a little luxurious every day...just a spritz of a great perfume will make you feel like a movie star!

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(I have no affilliation with any of the brands or companies I have mentioned in
this post and all the opinions and views I have expressed are purely mine.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who Belongs To These Shoes Vol. 15

The answer to last week's shoes...

Mila Kunis

 Mila wore her Louboutins with a gorgeous Elie Saab gown at the
New York Premiere of Black Swan.

Where to find shoes like Mila's:

This week's pair...

A few hints about who's wearing these:
-This woman was a model before becoming an actress. 
-She won her first Academy Award for her role in "Girl, Interrupted."
-She has been using her middle name as her last name throughout
 her career but hadn't legally changed until 2002.

A more detailed look...

So who do you think belongs to these shoes?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing For...

     Christmas is only in a couple days and I'm so excited! It's my favorite holiday because it lasts a whole month long! Listening to music, seeing lights as I'm driving through town, and spending all my money on presents that I can't wait for my family and friends to open. This year, on the top of my wishlist is a leather jacket from Victoria's Secret, books from Nina Garcia, rings from Charlotte Russe, and taupe wedge ankle-boots. Here are all the things I'm wishing for this year...

Cableknit Cotton Sweater Vest (in aquarium)-Victoria’s Secret, $29

Mini Skirt (in melon floral)-VS, $7.99

Miniskirt (in shorty blue)-Victoria’s Secret PINK, $9.99

Drapey Cardigan Sweater (in cocoa heather)-VS, $49

Motorcycle Jacket (in black)-VS, $69

Wool-blend Pointelle Cowlneck Sweater (in bark heather)- VS, $29

Very Hollywood Gift Set–, $65

"Turn it Up Louder" CD by Pixie Lott-, $12.50

Long-sleeve Tee & Legging PJ Gift Set (in heart white)– VSPINK, $39.50

The Little Black Book of Style–, $8.29

Suede Leopard Bootie– Charlotte Russe (online only), $35.50

“Ferrales” Boot (in taupe)- SPRING, $44.98

Studded Suede Clog (in black)- Charlotte Russe (online only), $32.50

Suede Peeptoe Pump (in peacock)-Charlotte Russe (online only), Buy 1 Get 1 for $15


Rings from Charlotte Russe; Lindt petits desserts; body wash from Bath & Body Works;
tights; Sally Hansen insta-dry nail polish in blazing blue; peach ring candies

Merry Christmas from Jenny's Open Closet!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you get everything you're wishing for!