Boston Fashion Week

          One of my favorite times of the year in Boston is Fashion Week. Since I started attending college in this fabulous city, I've gone to as many shows and events I can. As Boston is very close to my heart, so is its fashion. I've met many talented and remarkable people here (I even got my first internship through one of the shows I covered). They all have amazing passion and motivation, yet they're overshadowed by the nearby NYC industry. We may be smaller, but we still have potential! That's the great thing about Boston Fashion Week. It's very new compared to NYC, London, Paris and Milan, but everyone knows it can be bigger with a little love, a lot of hard work, and connecting the right people within the community. 

Check out my annual coverage of Boston Fashion Week below! 

Spring/Summer 2014

Spring/Summer 2013


   Luke Aaron

Spring/Summer 2012