Monday, October 14, 2013

BFW SS14: Extrinsic 2

          DH Studios represented over eight designers in their fashion extravaganza called Extrinsic 2 at the downtown club, Venu. They showcased different clothing, jewelry, and accessories designers in each portion of their three hour fashion show, while vendors sold pieces between intermissions.

          The first segment started the show with too many frills and flowers, but the second launched the presentation into a serious, fashion forward event. While La Bella Moda's idea behind their decked out wedding and evening gowns was intriguing, unfortunately, it was executed as tacky and cheap. However, this set the stage for a wow moment from Julie Kontos' feminine designs that were beautifully accented with T*Racy's intricate, edgy jewelry. Tracy Belben's leg and hand chains were a highlight of the night. The last segment was Daniel Hernandez's shining moment as the featured Boston Fashion Award Winning designer of the night. A short film explained his journey from poverty and a dancer opened the fashion show with some acrobatics and choreography. His collection for DH Studios was dark and urban, with sophisticated separates and sexy dresses. For a short moment a multicolored, geometric top paired with shiny pants was outdated-disco and felt awkwardly out of place. But overall, the craft that Hernandez puts into his pieces showed through and proved his award winner status.

Segment 1
Clothes - La Bella Moda by Antoinette Piesche
Jewelry - Ortega Jewelry Designs

 Segment 2 
Clothes - Julie Kontos
Jewelry - T*Racy by Tracy Belben
Bags - The Kitchen Sink Bag

 Segment 3
Clothes - DH Studios by Daniel Hernandez
Jewelry - Tina Lang Creations Jewelry
Bags - Eliann

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