Sunday, October 6, 2013

NYFW SS14: Parsons Phase 2

Min Young Lee
         The last show I saw during New York Fashion Week was an artfully spectacular note to end on. Parsons' Phase 2 show at Milk Studios was a collective of twelve graduates' work. Each designer had a completely different vision and unique inspirations. They explored techniques, fabrics, dyes, and silhouettes in beautifully outrageous pieces that gave the show a fresh, young-artist perspective. Claudia Li's dip-dyed yarn and Alison Tsai's stretchy knitwear were among my favorites.

          Abstract designs like these demonstrate the art form within fashion that I love so much.  It was really inspiring to end my fashion week experience with creative pieces that go beyond wearability and trends. These clothes belong in an art gallery for people to truly see the detail and thought that went into every fiber. Sometimes, designers create pieces that most people would think are ridiculous and ugly, but their designs are more like sculptures than clothes. You will never see someone wearing them on the street, but they use techniques and ideas that advance innovation in the fashion industry.

Melitta Baumeister 

Abigail Lewis 

Alison Tsai 

Amelia Lindquist 

Anna Stephenson 

Claudia Li

Iwo Piotrek Panszczyk 

Jihye Nam 

Julian Guthrie 

Melitta Baumeister 

Sinjing Chen 

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