Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrity "Oh No They Didn't!"

This summer has been bringing a lot of major trends, and who better to wear these "it" styles than celebrities? But some go a little too far...here are some major fashion flubs made by celebs who either need to fire their wardrobe stylist or think twice before go out looking like that again!
Vanessa Hudgens is just asking for a Lohan paparazzi stunt! We already know she's madly in love with Zack Efron, we don't need to see her wearing his shirt going home from his place!
How to make this look better: If you can't make it any longer than at least pair it with leggings and a belt...there are ways to wear guys' clothing without looking so dowdy.

The dress is adorable, but it isn't unusual to see Megan Fox trying too hard for the spotlight. The strappy heels are too harsh for this delicate dress and her slicked back hair makes her look like she forgot to dry her hair after she got out of the shower.
How to make this look better: For such a detailed mini-dress you only need simple pumps and classy earrings. As for the hair-lay off the gel! It only emphasizes her high hair line!

It's common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look fatter...so what I don't understand is why Jessica Simpson would wear head-to-toe stripes when she's already got enough junk in the trunk for a trip across the country? What makes it even worst though, is the bold red that's just screaming "I got too many breast implants!"
How to make this look better: Although I'm not agreeing with this pattern, she could've worn it better if she chopped the whole bottom half off and wore it as a tank top with jeans. At least she didn't overdo the shoes!

Holly Madison was apparently celebrating a premiere in Las Vegas, but decided to become the city's main attraction. She could've fooled me that she was hired as a casino dancer! She's got a beautiful face, but nobody pays attention to it with her big jugs practically hanging out all the time! As if the dress wasn't enough, she wore more bling on her feet with awkwardly strapped heels.
How to make this look better: The best thing to do is just start all over from scratch. If she wore a simple dress, it would've looked better with her sparkling shoes and some diamonds around her neck. The lesson learned here-when going to Vegas, don't become Vegas!

Even when going for a casual look, never wear slippers! Heidi Montag made a big mistake by throwing on jeans and a cardigan in the morning and forgot about the rest of her outfit! You can tell she never thought twice (or maybe even once!) about wearing a black bra under a thin white tank top and the way she tried to cover it up with layered necklaces just looks sloppy!
How to make this look better: For one, always wear the right undergarments for a white tank, which in this case would've taken care of half of the problem. Heidi could've looked so much more put together with sophisticated flats and wouldn't of had to sacrifice comfort.

The maxi-dress trend is hard to pull off, and this picture is the sad evidence. Haylie Duff might've been going for hippie chic, but kinda got lost in all the fabric! This dress totally overwhelms her petite figure and overall, makes her look frumpy.
How to make this look work: When buying a maxi-dress, always make sure it's fitted on top to balance out the the figure-less length. If all else fails, at least add a thick belt because the secret to pulling off a maxi-dress is still showing you have some curves.

"That 70's Show" is calling and they want their jumper back! I think Eva Longoria forgot that she was going to a charity event and not a 70's disco night! The flared velvet jumper looks like something she'd wear while doing "the bump" instead of stylishly donating her riches.
How to make this look better: The much more "in" style of summer is short jumpers, and if she had just gone with a shorter version of this and shone a little leg, it would've looked more 21st century then a flash from the past!

Since when did Demi Lavato enter the Miss America Pageant? This look has way too much going on! Her make-up is horrendous, the neon 80's-inspired shirt clashes with her western hoedown vest, and I don't even want to know what she's wearing around her neck!
How to make this look better: Less is more! Just going with one major statement is more than enough. If she wanted smoky eyes she should've stopped before she put on the bright pink lipstick. If she wanted a white leather vest, she should've worn it with a plain top underneath. Know where to stop instead of piling everything on at once, woman!

With the sweet striped top, beach waves, and aviators you'd think Ashley Tisdale was on her way to catch some rays at the beach. But then you notice what she's wearing on her feet! The yellow stripes and black boots almost have a bumblebee effect and just make for a plain, run-of-the-muck outfit that shows no style whatsoever.
How to make this look better: Either toss the sweet, or toss the combat boots! I think Ashley is seriously caught between whether she wants to keep the innocent Disney Chanel reputation or toss that aside for her own rebellious look. She's got to choose one before she goes out wearing half-and-half, because it'll hurt her wardrobe in the end.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Town Thrift Shopping

I love going thrift shopping every once in a while, but the problem is that you really have to dig deep to get the good stuff in New Hampshire! I've always wished that the thrift stores where I live were overflowing with cute vintage clothing and jewelry. Instead, they are usually the ones people pile all their ratty 90's clothes that nobody wants to wear anymore. I mean, it's fine for people who need cheap clothes, but when I'm looking for a unique vintage find, it takes a little while to find some good stuff. I went to one last week that was in the middle of nowhere and although the few clothing racks that they had were slim pickings, I was able to find some cute little buttons, a pair of earrings, and a scarf. The scarves were right at the door when I first walked in. They weren't made out of gorgeous silk, but for 75 cents I couldn't resist. After looking through all the clothes that didn't do much for me, I found a bucket of buttons and I just thought, "Hey, at least I'll look at these to occupy myself. Some might be interesting!" I ended up getting a handful of gold and silver buttons with anchors and emblems embossed on them. At the counter, I looked at the jewelry while my grandmother checked out. Right before she paid for everything, I spied these gold and white flower earrings I thought would complete my trip. They are now my favorite earrings (besides my pearls) and they are great to wear just to the beach or with a cute skirt and tube top. As for the buttons, I'm thinking of using them to jazz up a cheap jacket...but that'll be another thrift shopping day!

The scarve is really cute with just a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and adorable flats!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

When I Was Wearing Jelly Shoes

I was browsing around on topshop.com and found these cute sunglasses that reminded me so much of the ones I wore when I was little. Of course the price of $24 is a bit steeper than the $2 Walmart pair of my childhood. I love that some 90's styles are coming back...let's just hope they don't go too far (nobody wants to walk around in floral sack dresses and mom-jeans!) This fall's "it" nail color is said to be deep navy blue, a color I remember wearing in first grade all the time. There's definitely something nostalgic about seeing trends you remember from your childhood coming back on the runway. The best part are the memories of being so innocent and the things you would think of to keep yourself busy...all while wearing clothes you never gave a second thought to until now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunbathing, Cooking, Shopping, and Sitting in a Car for 3 Hours

This week has been quite busy so far. It all started with a couple hours at the beach on Sunday afternoon, and later that evening, my family and I cooked a Greek dinner (because we love our roots!). Monday I went shopping with my mom and sister-I got adorable shoes and finally brought in my coupon for free pencils from Coach! On Tuesday I took off to go to Vermont to visit my cousin, and I was there until yesterday afternoon. So why am I blogging at almost 2 in the morning, you ask? To show you the lovely pictures and my adventures of this week, of course!

I was amazed when I found this dress at Charlotte Russe...it looks similar to the one Blake Lively wore in the post "The Look for Less: Blake Lively" !

These are the amazing shoes I got-(also from Charlotte Russe). They make me look extremely tall!

Charlotte Russe isn't one of my most favorite stores, but I keep on finding cute stuff there!

...And this is the outfit I chose last Saturday for the anniversary party. (see "Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress." post)

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Fresh Looks to Add to Any Wardrobe

This runway collection was simple and feminine, but my favorite parts were the cute bow belts wrapped around shorts and dresses. What I love most about this look is that it's so easy to pull off. Just wrapping a ribbon around simple pants and tying it in a bow adds a girly touch. You could even use a metallic ribbon for a more eccentric look. Low slung leather belts are sooo last year!

At first, the runway seemed to be a normal Donatella production, but in the middle, three adorable ocean-inspired maxi-dresses interrupted the parade of mini dresses. I fall in love with every ocean themed object that comes my way, but this last dress was just jaw dropping. It's definitely the type of dress that would add a unique new pattern to my wardrobe, even though I'm not really a fan of the maxi-dress trend.
The major theme in Blumarine's spring fashion show was that one must attain the right balance of bright colors and nudes. If you wear a nude dress, add a bright belt, shoes, or jewelry. Nude is a color you can wear more sequins and beads with because it's such a basic color. So don't be afraid to go with a little more than you usually do! ADAM:
Adam Lippes used fabrics that would be thought of as only for sleepwear in his everyday clothing line. The satin draw-string pants were my favorites and the sweaters mixed among everything else gave the whole show a very relaxed feeling. I'm not saying, "Lets all roam the streets in our pj's!" but add a couple pieces to your wardrobe that are great for days when you aren't looking forward to squeezing into tight jeans. As long as you get cropped pants in satin or slouchy sweaters in cashmere and pair them with other elements you normally wear during the day, you'll looked pulled together but relaxed. Also, only wearing one nighttime piece will balance it out so it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed!
John Galliano:
You can always count on John Galliano for an eccentric and entertaining show! Among the military and British themes were cute flapper-inspired dresses. This is certainly a dress my closet could use. I liked that John strayed from the normal colors of the 1920's and made these dresses bright instead. You could either wear them the classic way with t-straps and a knotted strand of pearls or wear them the modern way with chunky layered necklaces and cut-out heels.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

“Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.”

Last night I watched "Coco Chanel," a movie about the woman behind the huge Chanel label. I loved the scenes of when she would be designing clothes and the times that she would go against what everyone else was wearing such as turning a pearl necklace around backwards, or wearing pants whenever she felt like it. It really was her free-spirit, determination, and originality that made her such a big success. She didn't care what other people thought of her, just as long as she could be herself. Tonight I'm going to an anniversary party and I've decided to use Coco as inspiration for my outfit. I have two little black dresses that I'm considering but I'm not quite sure which one to wear.
"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Do You Marry a Millionaire?

I was shopping on theoutnet.com and I came across a dress that looks like something Lauren Bacall would've worn in "How to Marry a Millionaire" with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable. Her style was the most grown-up of the three roommates and always very sleek and sophisticated. There is a rumor that Nicole Kidman will be producing a remake of the film and many say she'll be starring as Marilyn Monroe's character. But truthfully, besides the fact that they both have blond hair, the two actresses couldn't be more different. Marilyn Monroe plays a flighty bombshell who can't see, named Pola. I really can't imagine Nicole Kidman walking into walls and falling for a dorky man who thinks she's "quite a strudel." I could picture her much better as the sensible and practical Schatze, played by Bacall. The real question in my mind is who will play the other two leading ladies? Unfortunately the movie isn't expected to come out until 2011, so until then I'll be anticipating the reveal of the cast!

The Look For Less: Blake Lively

On June 15th Blake Lively attended the CFDA Fashion Awards in a hot pink Michael Kor's tube dress. Because the hot pink was so vibrant and attention getting, she didn't over do it. She left her hair loose and sleek, wore nude heels, and added jewelry sparingly. I also love the convenient pockets the dress had...they blended in with the rest of the dress, but were useful for a perfect casual pose. I searched all over the internet to find this whole look for much less than the dress alone.

Total Outfit Cost: $79.27
Blake's Dress: $1,595

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fresh Looks To Add To Any Wardrobe

Earlier this week I made a list of designers I wanted to get some inspiration from for my wardrobe. Whether you take my advise or not, it may do you some good to update a few pieces of your own.

Isaac Mizrahi:
I loved the neon bodysuits that peaked out under full skirts and dresses. This could be a potential cute look for summer, but it could also make a transition into school hallways with neon shorts under mini skirts or bright tanks layered under sleeveless dresses. It makes the ordinary just little more unique and the plain just a little bit more noticable.

Among all the vintage classics mixed with rock vibes, Karl Lagerfeld introduced perhaps a major comeback of tweed. I wouldn't go as far as to say it'll become a huge trend, but I think it could be gracing many racks of malls in the near future. Even if tweed isn't here to stay, I might consider investing in a tweed jacket or skirt to take out when I feel a Coco Chanel within me.

After thick, loosely wrapped scarves were all the rage last fall, maybe it's time for something new. On the runway of DKNY models wore thin, fringed scarves that could barely keep a chill away, but rather offered a break from the norm of last season. It might be a fresh piece to add to a daytime frock or just a t-shirt and jeans. Afterall, nothing goes better with Donna Karan than your ol' blues.

Martin Grant:
I couldn't help but notice that Martin Grant put a great emphasis on necklines. There was just about every variation imaginable seen on the dresses, and he took it even further by switching up the necklaces from scarves to thick, layered chains. Maybe he's trying to tell us something! Instead of sticking with the same v-neck or collar everyday, try to be a bit more spontaneous and mix it up a little! Even tying your favorite string of pearls a different way each time you wear them could give your outfit a fresh look from the last.

Elie Saab:
I only have one question...can Elie Saab design my prom dress? He is dead on with what women want-vibrant colors, rich metallics, and gowns that make us feel like a million bucks. I was suprised that I wasn't looking at his couture collection! Along with all the glitz and glamour came dresses with their own personalities. Each and every dress seemed to have a story to tell and a unique look all their own, just as every woman does. So what's the message here? Embrace your unique style, whatever it may be, and don't be afraid to add something to your wardrobe that sets you apart from everyone else.

Collette Dinnigan:
So much for the black booties I just bought last fall. Nude could be the next best thing! I mean, think about it-they're versatile, won't distract the eye from a gorgeous dress, but still have their subtle sexiness. I might just have to buy a pair of my own to wear with all the outifits I put on then realize "I have no shoes that go with this!" There will be no more guess work or flinging of unwanted garments on my floor, because if all else fails...just go with the nude booties!

There will be more coming soon.

Pink, White, and Blue

Tonight I went to watch the 4th of July fireworks in town. My outfit had to be something patriotic, but I didn't want to go with the usual red, white, and blue I do every year...so what's better than adding my own flair of pink? Just subtle touches of pink under my button-down and on my earrings and nails kept the girly hue in moderation. Nothing could go better with my outfit than my little striped ballet flats to finish off the look.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Here Come's the Sun...Didle-Dido...

...Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!
Today was actually sunny...go figure, the day that I was in the mall most of the day! I bought some stuff at Victoria's Secret, then I tried to stretch out my money for as long as I could. My friend and I went to Charlotte Russe where they had a bucket of sunglasses for 50 cents each. Seeing that they were so cheap I went with big, funky ones! We tried on practically every pair they had!

My friend got me this scarf when she went to Scotland.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's a Girl to Do On a Rainy Day Like Today?

It's been raining practically all summer so far, and there's really been only a couple hot, sunny days. So what better time to sit at the computer all day?

I've come up with a list of spring runways to get inspiration from:

  • Alice & Olivia
  • John Galliano
  • ADAM
  • Blumarine
  • Versace
  • Chloe
  • Collette Dinnigan
  • Elie Saab
  • Martin Grant
  • DKNY
  • Chanel
  • Isaac Mizrahi


I took a virtual tour through the Bass/van der Woodsen apartment of Gossip Girl on style.com.

I took a quiz on style.com on how much I know about couture....which I did terribly on!

I went to InStyle's virtual Hollywood Makeover Salon and tried on a few celebrity hairstyles.

And the rest of the day I looked at Resort 2010 collections. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/2010RST/

(Basso & Brooke)