Saturday, July 18, 2009

When I Was Wearing Jelly Shoes

I was browsing around on and found these cute sunglasses that reminded me so much of the ones I wore when I was little. Of course the price of $24 is a bit steeper than the $2 Walmart pair of my childhood. I love that some 90's styles are coming back...let's just hope they don't go too far (nobody wants to walk around in floral sack dresses and mom-jeans!) This fall's "it" nail color is said to be deep navy blue, a color I remember wearing in first grade all the time. There's definitely something nostalgic about seeing trends you remember from your childhood coming back on the runway. The best part are the memories of being so innocent and the things you would think of to keep yourself busy...all while wearing clothes you never gave a second thought to until now.

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