Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrity "Oh No They Didn't!"

This summer has been bringing a lot of major trends, and who better to wear these "it" styles than celebrities? But some go a little too far...here are some major fashion flubs made by celebs who either need to fire their wardrobe stylist or think twice before go out looking like that again!
Vanessa Hudgens is just asking for a Lohan paparazzi stunt! We already know she's madly in love with Zack Efron, we don't need to see her wearing his shirt going home from his place!
How to make this look better: If you can't make it any longer than at least pair it with leggings and a belt...there are ways to wear guys' clothing without looking so dowdy.

The dress is adorable, but it isn't unusual to see Megan Fox trying too hard for the spotlight. The strappy heels are too harsh for this delicate dress and her slicked back hair makes her look like she forgot to dry her hair after she got out of the shower.
How to make this look better: For such a detailed mini-dress you only need simple pumps and classy earrings. As for the hair-lay off the gel! It only emphasizes her high hair line!

It's common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look fatter...so what I don't understand is why Jessica Simpson would wear head-to-toe stripes when she's already got enough junk in the trunk for a trip across the country? What makes it even worst though, is the bold red that's just screaming "I got too many breast implants!"
How to make this look better: Although I'm not agreeing with this pattern, she could've worn it better if she chopped the whole bottom half off and wore it as a tank top with jeans. At least she didn't overdo the shoes!

Holly Madison was apparently celebrating a premiere in Las Vegas, but decided to become the city's main attraction. She could've fooled me that she was hired as a casino dancer! She's got a beautiful face, but nobody pays attention to it with her big jugs practically hanging out all the time! As if the dress wasn't enough, she wore more bling on her feet with awkwardly strapped heels.
How to make this look better: The best thing to do is just start all over from scratch. If she wore a simple dress, it would've looked better with her sparkling shoes and some diamonds around her neck. The lesson learned here-when going to Vegas, don't become Vegas!

Even when going for a casual look, never wear slippers! Heidi Montag made a big mistake by throwing on jeans and a cardigan in the morning and forgot about the rest of her outfit! You can tell she never thought twice (or maybe even once!) about wearing a black bra under a thin white tank top and the way she tried to cover it up with layered necklaces just looks sloppy!
How to make this look better: For one, always wear the right undergarments for a white tank, which in this case would've taken care of half of the problem. Heidi could've looked so much more put together with sophisticated flats and wouldn't of had to sacrifice comfort.

The maxi-dress trend is hard to pull off, and this picture is the sad evidence. Haylie Duff might've been going for hippie chic, but kinda got lost in all the fabric! This dress totally overwhelms her petite figure and overall, makes her look frumpy.
How to make this look work: When buying a maxi-dress, always make sure it's fitted on top to balance out the the figure-less length. If all else fails, at least add a thick belt because the secret to pulling off a maxi-dress is still showing you have some curves.

"That 70's Show" is calling and they want their jumper back! I think Eva Longoria forgot that she was going to a charity event and not a 70's disco night! The flared velvet jumper looks like something she'd wear while doing "the bump" instead of stylishly donating her riches.
How to make this look better: The much more "in" style of summer is short jumpers, and if she had just gone with a shorter version of this and shone a little leg, it would've looked more 21st century then a flash from the past!

Since when did Demi Lavato enter the Miss America Pageant? This look has way too much going on! Her make-up is horrendous, the neon 80's-inspired shirt clashes with her western hoedown vest, and I don't even want to know what she's wearing around her neck!
How to make this look better: Less is more! Just going with one major statement is more than enough. If she wanted smoky eyes she should've stopped before she put on the bright pink lipstick. If she wanted a white leather vest, she should've worn it with a plain top underneath. Know where to stop instead of piling everything on at once, woman!

With the sweet striped top, beach waves, and aviators you'd think Ashley Tisdale was on her way to catch some rays at the beach. But then you notice what she's wearing on her feet! The yellow stripes and black boots almost have a bumblebee effect and just make for a plain, run-of-the-muck outfit that shows no style whatsoever.
How to make this look better: Either toss the sweet, or toss the combat boots! I think Ashley is seriously caught between whether she wants to keep the innocent Disney Chanel reputation or toss that aside for her own rebellious look. She's got to choose one before she goes out wearing half-and-half, because it'll hurt her wardrobe in the end.

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