Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunbathing, Cooking, Shopping, and Sitting in a Car for 3 Hours

This week has been quite busy so far. It all started with a couple hours at the beach on Sunday afternoon, and later that evening, my family and I cooked a Greek dinner (because we love our roots!). Monday I went shopping with my mom and sister-I got adorable shoes and finally brought in my coupon for free pencils from Coach! On Tuesday I took off to go to Vermont to visit my cousin, and I was there until yesterday afternoon. So why am I blogging at almost 2 in the morning, you ask? To show you the lovely pictures and my adventures of this week, of course!

I was amazed when I found this dress at Charlotte looks similar to the one Blake Lively wore in the post "The Look for Less: Blake Lively" !

These are the amazing shoes I got-(also from Charlotte Russe). They make me look extremely tall!

Charlotte Russe isn't one of my most favorite stores, but I keep on finding cute stuff there!

...And this is the outfit I chose last Saturday for the anniversary party. (see "Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress." post)

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  1. Hello Jenny

    I like your purchases. The dress is very nice and you look very elegantly wearing it. The sandals are gorgeous and very sexy! I am sure you have got many compliments for them!

    Have a wonderful day!