Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fresh Looks To Add To Any Wardrobe

Earlier this week I made a list of designers I wanted to get some inspiration from for my wardrobe. Whether you take my advise or not, it may do you some good to update a few pieces of your own.

Isaac Mizrahi:
I loved the neon bodysuits that peaked out under full skirts and dresses. This could be a potential cute look for summer, but it could also make a transition into school hallways with neon shorts under mini skirts or bright tanks layered under sleeveless dresses. It makes the ordinary just little more unique and the plain just a little bit more noticable.

Among all the vintage classics mixed with rock vibes, Karl Lagerfeld introduced perhaps a major comeback of tweed. I wouldn't go as far as to say it'll become a huge trend, but I think it could be gracing many racks of malls in the near future. Even if tweed isn't here to stay, I might consider investing in a tweed jacket or skirt to take out when I feel a Coco Chanel within me.

After thick, loosely wrapped scarves were all the rage last fall, maybe it's time for something new. On the runway of DKNY models wore thin, fringed scarves that could barely keep a chill away, but rather offered a break from the norm of last season. It might be a fresh piece to add to a daytime frock or just a t-shirt and jeans. Afterall, nothing goes better with Donna Karan than your ol' blues.

Martin Grant:
I couldn't help but notice that Martin Grant put a great emphasis on necklines. There was just about every variation imaginable seen on the dresses, and he took it even further by switching up the necklaces from scarves to thick, layered chains. Maybe he's trying to tell us something! Instead of sticking with the same v-neck or collar everyday, try to be a bit more spontaneous and mix it up a little! Even tying your favorite string of pearls a different way each time you wear them could give your outfit a fresh look from the last.

Elie Saab:
I only have one question...can Elie Saab design my prom dress? He is dead on with what women want-vibrant colors, rich metallics, and gowns that make us feel like a million bucks. I was suprised that I wasn't looking at his couture collection! Along with all the glitz and glamour came dresses with their own personalities. Each and every dress seemed to have a story to tell and a unique look all their own, just as every woman does. So what's the message here? Embrace your unique style, whatever it may be, and don't be afraid to add something to your wardrobe that sets you apart from everyone else.

Collette Dinnigan:
So much for the black booties I just bought last fall. Nude could be the next best thing! I mean, think about it-they're versatile, won't distract the eye from a gorgeous dress, but still have their subtle sexiness. I might just have to buy a pair of my own to wear with all the outifits I put on then realize "I have no shoes that go with this!" There will be no more guess work or flinging of unwanted garments on my floor, because if all else fails...just go with the nude booties!

There will be more coming soon.

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