Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boston Fashion Week's Emerging Trends: Lisa Loveday

         The woman behind Lisa Loveday’s second collection is a survivor. “She’s clothed in the wreckage,” she said of her grunge-meets-modern-art designs. “She’s someone who’s not quite human, trying to become human. But I think in the end she just ends up being herself,” she said. The prosthetic pieces on the clothes  represent blood, guts, and burnt debris.

          An array of worn and processed materials are handmade elements. Loveday shredded, bleached, knit, and weaved most of her fabrics. She used cotton twill, acrylic, and wool, as well as some recycled fabrics. One of her pieces is made from recycled silk. “It’s really a one of a kind because it doesn’t exist anymore,” she said.

          She also used chunky, hardware to contrast the fragile layers of material. “I needed something that was really strong because it’s basically holding the whole piece up,” she said about one of her torn dresses.

          Surely, Loveday’s designs are not for the everyday wearer. “You can’t really adapt it into an everyday fashion,” she said. And she is fully aware of the bold statements they make. “I don’t want to compromise my work.” She envisions her clothes on the red carpet or as performance pieces. “Ideally, if Bjork would want one of my pieces I would be more than happy to make one for her!” she said.

         Loveday is a fresh face in the industry. “I’ve had my own studio for about a year...so I’m still fairly new,” she said. She recently graduated with honors in fashion arts at Seneca College in Toronto. While in school, she won an award at the Hempel International Awards in China. “I’m still not up and running completely at this point, so I don’t have anything for sale or wholesale. I just do custom work,” she said. For now, she isn’t certain of her next step in her career. “I have something sort of in mind, it’s more really strong pieces,” she said. “Everything I do is kind of big. It makes some big statements!” 

To see more of Lisa Loveday's work go to her Facebook page.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beauty Trends: 5 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

          It's so much fun to experiment with makeup colors you don't always wear. I usually fall into the same routine of four or five products to keep down on time. But there are a lot of cool, new makeup trends that I'm dying to try. Plus, most of them take no more than a couple extra brush strokes! I've put together the top five makeup trends that I'm going to try this season and if you can spare five more minutes during your beauty routine, I've given you tips on how to wear them.

 Amethyst Eye Shadow
A lavender-violet is just the thing if you're feeling daring. Pile it on your lids for playfulness, but keep the rest of your makeup neutral. A nude lip keeps the focus on your eyes and won't overdo your look.

Cobalt Eyeliner
A little cobalt can go a long way, so apply thinly to the bottom lash line and smudge for color that will blend with your mascara.

Chartreuse Eyeshadow 
The bright and peppy chartreuse isn't restricted to spring. A brush of this color on the eyelids and your snow days will be a little sunnier.

Rose Lipstick
Worn best with a warm, brown smokey-eye, this lip color is super sophisticated and makes for a sultry nighttime look. 

Galaxy Black Eye Shimmer
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist
Add a little to the bottom of your eyelids or layer on top of your liner. This glimmer can be incorporated into your regular makeup look oh-so subtly.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Bottle Cap Tee Inspired by Jessie J

          I meant to post about this DIY project many months ago, but alas, I've been crazy busy with fashion week, two internships, several trips to Boston, and launching my Etsy shop! So what better way to finally show you my bottle cap tee with a Throwback Thursday!

           It was probably over a year ago when I stumbled upon a picture of Jessie J wearing a cutoff sweatshirt adorned with bottle caps. Now, I love every fashion decision this girl makes. I dressed up as her last Halloween (right down to the Union Jack lip tattoo)! But this one was beyond perfect. It wasn't a stunning red carpet gown or elaborate performance getup, but it was pure genius! I'd never seen anything like it! Sure, people add studs, jewels, and leather to shoulders all the time, but you rarely see them using their old bottle caps on clothing. I knew right away that this was going on the top of my DIY to do list.

My inspiration...

          Unsurprisingly, I obtained the bottle caps for my DIY through some college kids who had hundreds saved up from all their parties. And luckily for me, they seemed to dabble in many varieties of beer. This made for great colors and some really cool designs! Of course, there were a few old-school soda bottle caps in there too, wink wink.

          Being the perfectionist that I am, it took me some time to plan out the arrangement. There was no way I'd have too many red ones together or two Bud Lights in a row! Other than that, making this shirt was pretty easy. I punched holes in the caps with tacks and stitched them in place with a needle and thread. Not many supplies needed, just a bit of patience.

My rendition...

Photography courtesy of Jeff Ortakales.
See more of his work at jortakalesphotography.com

Monday, November 18, 2013

Street Art at New York Fashion Week

           I had a wonderful time in NYC this September and part of that experience was getting to know the city a little better. I'd only been a couple times before, but had never walked around on my own. Going to and from fashion shows all week definitely gave me some time to wander. One of my favorite areas that I frequented was Chelsea. It's alive with artists and galleries and seems to be the latest "it" place for creative types. All the more reason for street artists to showcase their work on the sides of this neighborhood's buildings.

            I came across some pretty amazing pieces. I really like graffiti art and it was cool finding these standout pieces without even looking for them. Boston doesn't see much more than scribbled letters on its streets. In New York, the street art sits on the side of buildings as if it's a part of the concrete. It's become such a signature part of the city's culture that artists consider the sidewalks their galleries.

Left, José Parlá and JR's "Wrinkles of the City" mural. Right, Paul Kasmin and Michael Shvo's installation/gallery "Getty Station."
A remake of the famous V-J Day in Times Square, by Eduardo Kobra
"Gigante" by Os Gemeos and Futura2000

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nail Art DIY: Inspired by Lizzy Caplan's in Bachelorette


          Aside from the humor, one of my favorite parts about the movie, Bachelorette, was funny girl, Lizzy Caplan's manicure. For all 87 minutes, I couldn't stop staring at her nails, hoping the camera would get just a bit closer. What I loved about this simple, yet trendy, design was that it's an unexpected take on the popular burgundy red nail color. It looks sophisticated and elongates the nails for more delicate looking fingers.

           Of course, I had to do this design on my own nails immediately! Here's my quick and easy DIY for you to try her look!

Nail polish I used: 
NYC Long Wearing Top Coat
Circus by Andrea's Choice in "Reverso"
Spoiled in "I Don't Drink Cheap Wine"

Step 1: Paint one to two coats of burgundy polish, depending on coverage.
Step 2: Let nails dry completely. I actually waited a day for them to fully set, to avoid any possible smudging with the contrasting polish. Cut round silvers of tape and place them on your nails just above your cuticles. 
Step 3: Paint the white polish only on this bottom section of your nails. If needed, add another coat of white polish.
Step 4: Let nails dry completely. Apply a top coat and you're finished!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day in the Past

          Yesterday, I spent a lovely day with my grandma, mom, and sister. We had lunch at our favorite 50s diner, then spent hours perusing an antique shop. There was so much to look at -- furniture, movie posters, collectables from every decade, costume jewelry, old appliances, even WWII military uniforms. It was as if we were in a museum, every shelf a look into the past of the seller's family history. I found a great box of vintage hats and went home with a couple that I'll be posting about soon!

What I wore: Victoria's Secret sweater dress, Abercrombie & Fitch plaid shirt, Cynthia Rowley tights, Cole Haan ankle boots, 1920s metal belt, my own handmade necklace, Victoria's Secret leather moto jacket, and Michael Kors wristlet. 

I've always loved the old perfume dispenser in the bathroom at the Tilt'n Diner.
I tried on this cozy fox stole at the antiques shop. The face was a little creepy though.
The beautiful Michael Kors wallet that my amazing boyfriend got me for our anniversary!