Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nail Art DIY: Inspired by Lizzy Caplan's in Bachelorette


          Aside from the humor, one of my favorite parts about the movie, Bachelorette, was funny girl, Lizzy Caplan's manicure. For all 87 minutes, I couldn't stop staring at her nails, hoping the camera would get just a bit closer. What I loved about this simple, yet trendy, design was that it's an unexpected take on the popular burgundy red nail color. It looks sophisticated and elongates the nails for more delicate looking fingers.

           Of course, I had to do this design on my own nails immediately! Here's my quick and easy DIY for you to try her look!

Nail polish I used: 
NYC Long Wearing Top Coat
Circus by Andrea's Choice in "Reverso"
Spoiled in "I Don't Drink Cheap Wine"

Step 1: Paint one to two coats of burgundy polish, depending on coverage.
Step 2: Let nails dry completely. I actually waited a day for them to fully set, to avoid any possible smudging with the contrasting polish. Cut round silvers of tape and place them on your nails just above your cuticles. 
Step 3: Paint the white polish only on this bottom section of your nails. If needed, add another coat of white polish.
Step 4: Let nails dry completely. Apply a top coat and you're finished!

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  1. Super pretty! I like to use those little circle things you can get at Staples (I think they're for holding paper together in a binder) because they seem to come out more rounded, but either way, I love the look! :)