Monday, November 18, 2013

Street Art at New York Fashion Week

           I had a wonderful time in NYC this September and part of that experience was getting to know the city a little better. I'd only been a couple times before, but had never walked around on my own. Going to and from fashion shows all week definitely gave me some time to wander. One of my favorite areas that I frequented was Chelsea. It's alive with artists and galleries and seems to be the latest "it" place for creative types. All the more reason for street artists to showcase their work on the sides of this neighborhood's buildings.

            I came across some pretty amazing pieces. I really like graffiti art and it was cool finding these standout pieces without even looking for them. Boston doesn't see much more than scribbled letters on its streets. In New York, the street art sits on the side of buildings as if it's a part of the concrete. It's become such a signature part of the city's culture that artists consider the sidewalks their galleries.

Left, José Parlá and JR's "Wrinkles of the City" mural. Right, Paul Kasmin and Michael Shvo's installation/gallery "Getty Station."
A remake of the famous V-J Day in Times Square, by Eduardo Kobra
"Gigante" by Os Gemeos and Futura2000

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