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     Hi! I'm Jenny of Jenny's Open Closet. I started this blog in 2009 as a way to interact with the world of fashion while I was living in rural New Hampshire. My window into fashion at that time was through writing blog posts, reading magazines, and the outfits I wore everyday to high school. Even though I grew up in the middle of nowhere, I always knew I belonged in a city.

      I've come quite far since then. I moved to Boston to go to Emerson College and I've gained great experience from the classes I've taken, fashion clubs I've joined, and people I've met there. I've been interning for local Boston menswear designer and stylist, Jeff Lahens, for over two years. I've learned so much about the fashion industry from him and have a whole new appreciation for menswear now. I also have an internship at Papercut Magazine, an online publication and blog focusing on emerging fashion. They have given me so many amazing opportunities to interview industry professionals, go to New York Fashion Week, and write for them regularly.

     As a journalism major, I love writing, meeting unique people, and experiencing new things. Someday, I hope to work for a major fashion publication, but until then, as long as I'm involved with fashion, I'll always be happy.  I want to travel and see as much of the world as I can. There's nothing that broadens your perspectives more than immersing yourself in a different culture.

     So why fashion? Not many people see fashion outside of the commercialized realm of clothing, but I see it as so much more. Every year of my life is defined by certain clothes I loved then. I even remember important events by the outfit I wore that day. When I see a beautiful piece of clothing I see the imaginative and creative mind behind it. Clothes are a form of communication. Some choose to communicate at a very basic level without thinking twice about the art of fashion. Others desire to express themselves in a new way everyday through their carefully acquired wardrobes. Clothes say so much about a person that it's almost a philosophy. So much so, that people spend their lives studying and interpreting it. A lot of people criticize fashion for being frivolous and abstract, but when every designer creates a collection, there is a message he is communicating. Just like painting, story writing, film making, and music, fashion is a way people express what they observe in the world.

     Through my blog, I hope I can give you a better understanding of why I love fashion so much. I fell in love with it the second I opened my first Teen Vogue magazine and I hope I can pass on that same excitement to many others. Whether it's style advice, discovering a new designer or brand, DIY projects, trend reports, or just finding inspiration, there's a lot to love about fashion!

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