Friday, May 20, 2011

It's All About Texture

Vionnet Fall 2011 RTW

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Belongs to These Shoes Vol.26

Sorry for the delay in WBTS posts! But now the next one is finally here! So without any further ado...
...the answer to the last set of smashing shoes...

Diane Kruger

The actress wore this elegant outfit, entirely designed by Jason Wu, to the
Bid to Save the Earth Auction and Fashion Show in NYC.

Don't you just love her casual side-braid?!

The starlet with the designer.

Where to find shoes like Diane's:

This week's pair...

Colorful Strappy Sandals

A few hints about who's wearing these:
-This designer earned her college degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
-She's made metal medallions an "it" embellishment.
-She appeared in the third season of Gossip Girl.

So who do you think these shoes belong to?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cynthia Rowley Tights

      I've been meaning to write this post for a while, I just haven't had a chance until now. You all know how much I love Gilt Groupe...take a look at my most recent purchase! These made me so happy because I wanted some unique tights and these were just what I had in mind! The best part is that I didn't spend a penny on them! I accumulated a credit for referring a member, plus they took off my shipping charge because the package had been back-ordered.

     I'm pleased to say that these tights are very nice quality and are super comfy. The only bad thing I have to report is that one of the trouser socks got a snag in them the first time I wore them. It might have been because I just didn't take them off gently enough, but it's still disappointing that it didn't take much for them to rip. The tights, on the other hand, seem to be a bit more durable--not a single rip yet!

Sheer Nylon Trouser Sock

2 Pack Nylon Tight with Placed Dot Knit
black and bright multicolor/black and grey 
$15 for pack

Here are the outfits I've worn them with so far...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Recommendations

     Bonjour mes amis ! What are you doing this fine Sunday? Not sure? No problem! I'll lend you my weekend to do list and maybe it'll inspire you to create something or motivate you to exercise. Or maybe you'll just decide it's a good day to be a couch potato and catch up on your favorite shows, which is always good too!

     1. Be your own jewelry designer on Kendra Scott.

Kendra Scott jewelry is always divine; the designs are sleek and simple while the colored gems add character and spunk. Now, you can create your own unique pieces with the site's Color Bar, choosing the metal, design, and gems that you want. When I found this I couldn't stop experimenting with different color palettes and combinations!

     2. Go see Water for Elephants for a second time.

Okay, I've never been one to waste money at the movies watching a film I already saw, but if I ever was, this would be the movie I'd go see again. It was inspiring, heartbreaking, and sweet and the actors did a fine job. I am definitely not one of Robert Pattison's adoring fans, but his surprisingly good performance made me see him in a new light, and perhaps I have a little more respect for him now. Reese, on the other hand has always been one of my favorites and her part delivered as I knew it would. I loved Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds (one of my all-time faves) so I was excited to see him in a new role. This one was a bit darker but none the less, he played the part very well. Costumes are one of the best parts of a film and they sure didn't disappoint. Reese's exquisite circus outfits and gorgeous satin gowns were dazzling!

     3. Polish off your Easter candy.

I've been munching on jelly beans all week but I still have an entire package of Peeps left!

     4. Skim through all your unread Refinery29 newsletters that have been accumulating since April 8th.

My email piles up way too fast, partly because I'm subscribed to a few more sites than I probably should be, but also because I never have time to read all of them. My favorites are from Refinery29 and Fashionista, so those are usually the only ones I read.

     5. Make a dress out of vintage scarves.

Last summer (when I made better use of my Google Reader) I found an awesome DIY dress and I've been wanting to make it ever since. On the blog The Glamourai, Kelly made a simple dress using two scarves and a couple chains. It looks really easy so I'm hoping to finally make it today!

     6. Work out with Jillian.

I've been following a regimen of working out for 30 minutes every other day using my Jillian Michaels DVD and I've gotten great results. I started a few months ago and ever since, I've felt so much better and have even gained a little muscle! During drama rehearsals, my workouts kinda fell to the waist side, but now I'm getting back into things. The DVD I currently use has three different 20 minute workouts, so motivating myself to exercise is easy when I know I'm not taking a huge chunk out of my day to workout.

     7. Catch up on America's Next Top Model

I've been following all season long, but this week I didn't get a chance to watch. Alexandria is really the only one I have a problem with because she acts like such a diva. Britni is my favorite and I'm really hoping she wins Cycle 16.