Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ralph Lauren Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

   Spring just started, so I hate to talk about fall already, but I wanted to mention how much I loved the Ralph Lauren collection. He always perfects the balance between feminine and masculine in his designs, but I think this season he particularly shined. The light-as-air florals made a beautiful contrast to the thick wool trousers, velvet dresses, and structured jackets. He added simple touches like knit beanies, fingerless gloves, and bohemian necklaces that no one would've expected, yet made the look come together with a classy tone. The more formal dresses were gorgeous, in either floral, velvet, or beads, and brought to the runway that timeless element that none other than Ralph Lauren can attain.

This show's best models:

Chanel Iman
Natasha Poly

Constance Jablonski

Chriselle Stubbs

Gracie Carvalho


They went with a very natural look that gave the model's faces
 a healthy glow, while accentuating their eyes with earth tones. 


On another note.....

If anyone hasn't seen the latest W cover, they should go to their website immediately!
Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston look amazing, promoting their new movie, "Bounty Hunter" (which I saw last week and it was quite entertaining!).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Singing in The Rain!

   I've decided that I would try to post more outfits throughout the week. It's hard to post often during the week because of school and then drama rehearsals until 5pm.

   So here's this week's first outfit! I wore it on Thursday last week when the stretch of rainy weather had just begun and lasted all through the weekend. I wasn't actually too bothered by the rain...normally I am, but for one reason or another I liked it for a change. It melted the rest of the snow on the ground and it was relaxing to listen to at night. All the rainy weather was a great opportunity to wear my new trench coat...yes, I finally got one (if anyone remembers, I posted last year about how much I wanted one)!!  I got it at H&M when I was in Boston.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beaded and Bejeweled

   It might be a little too late for a New Year's resolution, so I'm making this a new goal for my wardrobe. I'm always fascinated by cute jewelry and accessories, but lately I've felt my style has been lacking in that area. On a day-to-day basis, I usually throw on earrings and maybe a simple necklace or bracelet. Some days I don't even do that much. My necklaces are cute, but I get bored of their simplicity. Of all jewelry, I love rings the most. I have a small collection of them that I like to wear, but it could use more statement pieces. It's not hard for me to find jewelry I like, it's just challenging to find it cheap enough. Every time I walk in a store, I'll pick out a handful of jewels, chains, and bangles, but when I total the prices up, I resort to buying clothes instead! So, my objective is to broaden my jewelry collection with more bold, edgy, and colorful varieties, whether it's thrifting, beading my own, browsing on Etsy, or rampaging the jewelry tables at Forever 21 this summer.

Some ways I've always wanted to organize my jewelry (but I guess I need more in order to do so!)...

 "I never worry about diets.
 The only carrots that interest me are
the number of carats in a diamond."
 ~Mae West