Monday, July 13, 2009

More Fresh Looks to Add to Any Wardrobe

This runway collection was simple and feminine, but my favorite parts were the cute bow belts wrapped around shorts and dresses. What I love most about this look is that it's so easy to pull off. Just wrapping a ribbon around simple pants and tying it in a bow adds a girly touch. You could even use a metallic ribbon for a more eccentric look. Low slung leather belts are sooo last year!

At first, the runway seemed to be a normal Donatella production, but in the middle, three adorable ocean-inspired maxi-dresses interrupted the parade of mini dresses. I fall in love with every ocean themed object that comes my way, but this last dress was just jaw dropping. It's definitely the type of dress that would add a unique new pattern to my wardrobe, even though I'm not really a fan of the maxi-dress trend.
The major theme in Blumarine's spring fashion show was that one must attain the right balance of bright colors and nudes. If you wear a nude dress, add a bright belt, shoes, or jewelry. Nude is a color you can wear more sequins and beads with because it's such a basic color. So don't be afraid to go with a little more than you usually do! ADAM:
Adam Lippes used fabrics that would be thought of as only for sleepwear in his everyday clothing line. The satin draw-string pants were my favorites and the sweaters mixed among everything else gave the whole show a very relaxed feeling. I'm not saying, "Lets all roam the streets in our pj's!" but add a couple pieces to your wardrobe that are great for days when you aren't looking forward to squeezing into tight jeans. As long as you get cropped pants in satin or slouchy sweaters in cashmere and pair them with other elements you normally wear during the day, you'll looked pulled together but relaxed. Also, only wearing one nighttime piece will balance it out so it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed!
John Galliano:
You can always count on John Galliano for an eccentric and entertaining show! Among the military and British themes were cute flapper-inspired dresses. This is certainly a dress my closet could use. I liked that John strayed from the normal colors of the 1920's and made these dresses bright instead. You could either wear them the classic way with t-straps and a knotted strand of pearls or wear them the modern way with chunky layered necklaces and cut-out heels.

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