Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Town Thrift Shopping

I love going thrift shopping every once in a while, but the problem is that you really have to dig deep to get the good stuff in New Hampshire! I've always wished that the thrift stores where I live were overflowing with cute vintage clothing and jewelry. Instead, they are usually the ones people pile all their ratty 90's clothes that nobody wants to wear anymore. I mean, it's fine for people who need cheap clothes, but when I'm looking for a unique vintage find, it takes a little while to find some good stuff. I went to one last week that was in the middle of nowhere and although the few clothing racks that they had were slim pickings, I was able to find some cute little buttons, a pair of earrings, and a scarf. The scarves were right at the door when I first walked in. They weren't made out of gorgeous silk, but for 75 cents I couldn't resist. After looking through all the clothes that didn't do much for me, I found a bucket of buttons and I just thought, "Hey, at least I'll look at these to occupy myself. Some might be interesting!" I ended up getting a handful of gold and silver buttons with anchors and emblems embossed on them. At the counter, I looked at the jewelry while my grandmother checked out. Right before she paid for everything, I spied these gold and white flower earrings I thought would complete my trip. They are now my favorite earrings (besides my pearls) and they are great to wear just to the beach or with a cute skirt and tube top. As for the buttons, I'm thinking of using them to jazz up a cheap jacket...but that'll be another thrift shopping day!

The scarve is really cute with just a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and adorable flats!

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  1. Thrift shopping is pretty awesome. In Delhi, India, we have this wonderful little market called Sarojini Nagar. Rows upon rows and shops upon shops of designer label rejects which are basically almost the exact same thing with a slight difference. Like,a pair of bright pink Marc Jacobs shorts that originally had 3 buttons might have two.
    I love going there when I'm strapped for cash. And while it doesn't really have the likes of Ferragamo, Givenchy or Chanel, I do get a few cute pieces of out of it.
    Lovely post, J!
    Kisses! XX