Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Announcing Jenny's Open Closet on Etsy!

         Consider this the official press release for my Etsy shop! Since I'm currently taking time off from school, I needed a creative project to benefit my spare time. It's a bit hard finding a part time, no degree required job out here in the mountains of NH, so I decided to turn all the jewelry I make for fun into a business!

          My designs revolve around re-purposing old pieces to make new, stylish ones! So far, I have a collection of nine jewelry pieces, all made with materials from old jewelry, my own bead stash, and stones from a local gem shop. Each necklace, pair of earrings, and bracelet is unique because I only have so many of the same supplies. They all fit different personal styles and most can be worn for both everyday or special occasions.

          I'm also working on a clothing collection of reconstructed vintage, like the pieces I made this summer! So stay tuned for updates to come! Until then, here's a look at some of the jewelry on my Etsy shop right now...

Purple Gems Duchess Statement Necklace - $36.50

Fringe and Rhinestone Statement Necklace - $26

Dangling Triangle Stone Pendant - $37.75

Twisted Stone Pendant with Pearls Necklace - $31.25

Braided Turquoise and Gold Beaded Bracelet - $10.75

Photos courtesy of Jeff Ortakales Photography

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