Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boston Fashion Week 2012: Avni

     Last year's Avni show was stellar. It had a consistent vision and theme, beautiful dresses, and unique fabrics. However, this year's collection wasn't quite as impressive. Some pieces were well made and pretty, but they didn't have the same "wow" factor that I had anticipated. Given the title, "Mahari - The Priestess," the show was more conservative and focused on embellished basics like silk tanks and light tunics. The flutter sleeves reminded me of when I wore bell sleeves in fourth grade and the frumpy, silver, wedge sandals just didn't belong with any of the looks. I did enjoy the cotton ombre trousers and most of the dresses. Avni Trivedi's signature prints were used more sparingly than I had hoped, but I loved them just the same. The models wore gorgeous braids topped off with jeweled headpieces.


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