Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boston Fashion Week 2012: mariavictoria

      The mariavictoria show was very much a resort collection, inspired by everything a tropical vacation brings to mind. On the handout given at the show, designer Victoria Dominguez-Bagu said she used quintessential summer images of, "...mostly the sea and the beach; sailing, a sunset on the beach and the golden glimmering light it sheds on the ocean."

       She used orange, gold, and neutrals to create these images and also featured textiles in a tropical, spiral print. Many of the dresses were fitted and floor length, with just enough movement to walk in. A deep cowl neck dress took center stage, one viewer leaving theTent called it "the open heart surgery dress," indeed referring to it's wear-ability by only the most daring woman.

      Jewelry was made by Magdalena Stokalska, featuring turquoise, beaded necklaces and dangling earrings. Makeup was kept simple and hair was up in elegantly twisted buns.

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