Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration: Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Strapless Lace Dress - $88
     Whenever I watch old movies, of course it's the clothing I pay the most attention to. Singing in the Rain is my favorite musical and I wouldn't watch it over and over if the costumes weren't absolutely fabulous. Audrey Hepburn certainly didn't need a wardrobe to make her career a success, but it's what made every one of her major movies iconic.
      Recently, I watched a couple "Gidget" movies from the 1960s. After getting over the corny scripts and less than stellar acting, there's a certain enjoyment to take away from the whimsicality of these films. Set in a decade I love to pull inspiration from, there were plenty of retro fashions to make it worthwhile. My favorite dress was in Gidget Goes Hawaiian -- a red, strapless party dress worn by the snob Gidget befriends on vacation. The skirt of the dress is tiered lace and a prim little bow cinches the waistline.
      Only a few days after watching this movie I found a modern version of this dress on Victoria's Secret. No surprise that I was browsing their summer dresses, right? It's a perfect interpretation of the movie look and would be adorable for any summer party. However, at $88 I think I'll wait for it to go on sale! 

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