Thursday, August 9, 2012

When Life Gives You Fabric...Make Clothes!

     At the beginning of summer, I transformed a frumpy 90's dress into a cute mini-dress (see the blog post here). I cut the hem so short that when I finished, I was left with enough fabric to make something else. I've never been one who can effortlessly think up great fashion designs, and if I ever get a design idea it comes on a whim, most of the time, right as I'm about to fall asleep. One night when my mind wasn't letting me sleep, I thought of a top to make out of the leftover fabric. Backless, feminine, and summery -- I wanted it to be something that would jazz up an ordinary pair of cutoffs. I also wanted it to be easy to make, so the main portion is just one piece of fabric, cut like the bottom half of a triangle. In the back, the two corners tie together, while the straps are set high to keep the main focus on the backless style. Sewing it all together took me a couple hours, the only problem I ran into being the fit in the bust. The neckline gaped open instead of lying flat against my chest, so I gathered it a bit in the middle. 

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