Sunday, August 5, 2012

Go for the Gold!

     With over a week of the Olympics in London gone by, there have been a number of moving, disappointing, and exciting moments to remember. My absolute favorite was when Aly Raisman finished the last floor routine of the team finals, on the verge of tears with her final pose, and solidified the US Women's Gymnastics Team with the gold. And you can't forget what put the team so far ahead from the beginning -- McKayla Maroney's jaw-droppingly perfect vault only ten minutes into the competition. The judges themselves couldn't believe her form, and were crazy for not giving her a perfect score. Ryan Lochte has been the most talked about rising US athlete, not just for his skill, but because every woman in America tunes in to see his impeccable abs and dreamy eyes. He started the games off strong with his first gold medal, only to fall short in the 4x100m relay. It's okay though, he doesn't need to win every race to win the title of Most Attractive US Athlete. The volleyball and beach volleyball matches have been gripping, with the women's team winning every match so far, the men's team with only one loss since its gold in Bejing, defending gold medalists Rogers and Dalhausser recently eliminated by Italy, and the Walsh and May-Treanor powerhouse still running strong as undefeated, two-time champs.

My 2012 London Olympics nail art inspired by boardshorts worn by Rogers and Daulhausser.

Showing my team spirit in USA snapback by Zephyr.

The visor detail also inspired my nail art design.

The best part of the opening ceremony - each brass leaf rising up to create the torch.

Todd Rogers and Phil Daulhausser attempting a second gold.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh celebrate a victory.

It's a known fact - no one can resist those dimples and smoldering eyes!

If her routines didn't win her the All Around gold, her megawatt smile sure did!

Can we all just appreciate Maroney's perfect vault one more time?

Sam Mikulak - a definite runner-up for Most Attractive US Athlete!


  1. Ryan Lochte is a god <3

  2. Please let me buy the hat off you. I've looked everywhere for it. Email me if you are willing. Thank you