Sunday, September 27, 2009

Erin Fetherson Brings Back Memories

Erin Fetherson brought together a runway show that seemed to be inspired by the 1940's. It reminded me of clothes that you would find in your grandmother's attic while playing dress-up as a child. The lace gloves and tea hats are like the quintessential accessories that finished your outfit. Fetherson also incorporated some pieces that make her collection modern with a tulip-style brocade dress, a ruffled jumpsuit, and black booties. As I see the models in these old-fashioned inspired looks, I can just feel the summer breeze while sitting on my grandmother's porch, the smell fresh lilacs in a crystal vase, and the taste of tea in dainty tea cups.

My predictions: Time after time, designers are always reflecting back to the trends of yesteryear. There's something about the class and simplicity of past decades that is never out of style.

Erin Fetherson

My grandma and I would have little tea parties and I'd dress up in her clothes. I remember wearing her clip-on earrings that I loved. She's the main reason I grew up to love pearls, and to this day they're my favorite things to put on my ears!
What are some of your dress-up memories?


  1. When I was a kid, my mum used to take measurements and sewed clothes for my little sis and me. The dresses look adorable. She's quite a good taylor. I wonder where are dresses now?

  2. When i was a kid, i remember going to kindergarten and everyday i'd go straight to the dress up box. I also loveeed the little fake pearl clip on earings they had there, and this day, i love pearls to!
    its not much.. but its getting there!

    and by the way, you are sooo pretty!
    i love your style!

    follow me! love, hannah spooner! ♥

  3. I loved the EF collection.

  4. Love the first few for their simplicity in colour!

  5. such a lovely collection! x

  6. Beautiful pictures-love your blog too!