Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charlotte Ronson Creates the Ballerina in the City

I just love Charlotte's spring line! For one, the colors were all so fresh and girly, while the clothes themselves kept an 80's vibe. The designer said, "It's classical meets street." Her whole collection revolves around a girl who carries herself gracefully, but wears downtown chic without having to be a rock star. I'm a huge fan of switching your day-to-day style up and who says us classy girls can't rock the streets too? Charlotte did a good job mixing some of fall's biggest trends (bold shoulders, cage heels, leather, and menswear-style jackets) with newer looks and accessories.

My predictions: The whole 80's style has been back in for a while, but Ronson's way of redefining it makes it more fun. She's begun a totally new style of girly ballerina meets urban get-up, without compromising too much of either. Definitely one of my favorite designers this season!


Charlotte Ronson

Yesterday I was inspired to create a Charlotte Ronson worthy outfit, complete with a ballerina bun and braided headband.

Stay tuned for a DIY on how to make this cute headband!
You'll never guess what I made it out of!


  1. love how you were inspired and created your own headband! love it! x

  2. Cool blog, like it lots :)