Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buckle Up


     Last Friday, I came home from school to a brown box waiting for me with a belt from Little Gorilla Design inside! They sent me a leather belt and one of their many vibrant, interchangeable belt buckles. I couldn't wait to try it out, so I wore it yesterday...

This is the lovely package!

I love the detail put into every design!

Each buckle is bejeweled with swarovski crystals.

The base is metal and topped off with a glass-like surface.

     The owner, Cindy Perkins, lives in the D.C. area and creates each one of these by hand. So far, I have not been dissapointed by the quality and I am in love with the originality of the belts! The leather seems to be well crafted and the rhinestones were glued on in a way that I'm not worried about them falling off. The prices of the belts range from $10-35 and the buckles range from $40-60. By far, the best aspect of these belts isn't just the creativity of them, but the immense possibilities they give you to express your style. You can use rocker belts with flower buckles, rustic belts with eiffel tower buckles, or grommet belts with geometric buckles; there's potential for your every mood and style! 

Some of my favorites...


(This is a paid promotional post.)

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  1. wow, these are awesome!!! though i barely wear big buckled belts.. maybe i can give it a try sometime :P


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