Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Show We've All Been Waiting For!

     Perhaps the most exciting fashion show of the year is over a month after all the Fashion Week buzz. After weeks of action from the runways to the pages of Vogue, this month begins a lull until the new season begins. But while designers are working on their next collections, journalists are moving on from articles about spring trends, and is covering more parties and celebs since there are no more runways to review, there is still one more show that emerges with a bang this time of year. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

     The first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was in 1995, featuring high-waisted underwear, satin robes and slips, a kimono dress, and Mr. 90s Hair Camera Man in the background (The Huffington Post). But you don't have to take my word for it...

     Boy has the show come a long way since then! Now, every year brings new angels, bigger wings, creatively themed lingerie, legendary performers, a 2-3 million dollar "Fantasy Bra," and a star-studded audience all to one increasingly glittery runway! 

     This year, the preliminary sketches were out a month in advance
 to get the hype started (photos from Fashionologie).

My favorite VS Angel, Chanel Iman, shared a photo diary of her runway
experience this year with Vogue...

Getting hair and make-up done.

Autographing a PINK tote.

Taking a photo with one of her fans.

The girls get excited for the show!

With Jessica Stam--another one of my favorite angels!

Just before what she dubbed her "magical moment."

Walking down the runway while Akon was singing.

Chatting it up with Rosie.

She and her beau celebrate the successful night.

     For the past couple years, my older sister and I have had an annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show party. We wear head-to-toe VS outfits (complete with pink, sparkly VS santa hats), bake lingerie inspired cookies, mix up cocktails consisting of ginger-ale and a pink colored juice of our choice, and eat only desserts that are pink, red, or white. It isn't until after we've set all our refreshments on the coffee table, taken a photoshoot of our angel-worthy outfits, and frosted our cookies that we finally sit down to watch the show. We normally record it so we have plenty of time for our pre-show rituals and can plan our party on a night that works for both of us. This year she'll be coming up to visit from Virginia for Christmas, so we'll have to wait until the middle of December. Here are some pictures of past year's soirees...



     The show will be airing on Tuesday, November 30th on CBS but until then, enjoy this sneak peek of what's to come...

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