Friday, April 22, 2011


     Hey everyone! I am happy to say that I am reentering the blogosphere after a long absence due to late night drama club rehearsals and performances. We performed Seussical the Musical and it was such a blast. All the costumes were in fantastic patterns and bright colors. I played a "bird girl," decked out in fishnets, a short skirt, and boas! Being my last year of high school, I'm definitely going to miss being in drama. I've been a part of it since freshman year and it has been the best club that I've ever been a part of!
Me and my best friend Rose.

All of us bird girls!

     In other news, I have decided on which college I'll be attending in the fall...Emerson College! I am extremely excited! I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to go there because of the expense, but I got enough in financial aid that I can! I am looking so forward to being in Boston and going to a school that has an awesome journalism program. Stay tuned for posts about all my pre-college preparations!

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  1. you girls look so fabulous!!! college: how exciting!!! :)

    Empire State of Heart