Monday, October 26, 2009

11 Favorite Things

So Fab Blab tagged her readers to make a list of their favorite 11 things. This will be hard for me because there are so many things I love!
My Favorite 11 Things:


Starbucks Coffee-There's nothing like a good cup of coffee from Starbucks. The first time I tried it I was hooked. There are so many flavors to try and you can always count on the seasonal ones to put you in the mood whatever weather comes your way. I love Starbucks so much I even have a travel mug that looks like the cups they serve your coffee in.


Heels-There are no other shoes that can make a girl feel empowered but coy, sexy but demure, or confident and fearless. There would never be enough time to see every adorable heel made, even in a whole lifetime. Although I'm not the best walker in heels, I can't resist the latest pair I find!


Rocking Out to Music-Whatever my mood, there's always music to match it. I love dancing to music on full blast and swaying to a catchy beat. I like most types of music except for screamo and country.


Ethnical Foods-When it comes to food I'm open to try almost anything I haven't before. This summer my dad and I went out to lunch at a really nice Japanese restaurant to have sushi and try sashimi (aka-raw fish), which I'd never had before. It was amazing, and so fresh and light tasting! I also love, love, love Indian food because of the spices and beautiful fragrances it gives off. My family has switched from eating white rice all the time, to eating basmati rice instead. It's so much more flavorful and you can smell it from across the house. I also love Greek, Mexican, French, and Italian foods. I haven't done a lot of traveling, but someday I really want to explore countries around the world, and I think it would be so exciting to try all the different foods!


Water-Swimming, boogie-boarding, diving, hand-stands, floating-I've always been a fish since I was first taught to do the doggy-paddle! Although, I still like soaking up sun rays on the sand, I love the feeling of being in the water. I also just love the colors, smells, and sounds of the ocean. Actually, my bedroom decor is inspired by the ocean, complete with shell lights, blue walls, bottles, and a wicker chair. It still needs work, but it's worth it for the relaxing mood the theme puts me in.


Magazines-Whatever magazine it is, I love to read it from cover to cover. They are a great source of inspiration for me and I can never resist any clothes clad pages.  I dream of working with Ana Wintour, Glenda Bailey, or Robbie Myers someday!


Views That Make Me Stare-Whether it's a mountain side or city lights, changing leaves or blossoming flowers, sometimes I take for granted the scenery around me. But when I actually look more closely, it's nice to just take it all in.


Sales-The best way to shop, indeed! It feels so much better to get something when it's on sale, plus you can buy more clothes if they're on sale, than buying just one really expensive one.


Bringing Out My Creative Side-Although I can't draw very well, I enjoy creating fashion designs and filling my sketch book. It's a fun thing for me to do when I want to relax or if I have an amazing vision for an outfit or dress. You'll never see me becoming a fashion designer, but drawing designs is one of my favorite pastimes. I also like to be creative by re-purposing clothes into something wearable or something totally new altogether.


(these aren't my drawings...I only wish!)


My Camera-I would be lost without it, and it's accumulated a lot of sentimental value over the years. It was my very first camera and it's been through so many family gatherings, parties, nights out with friends, vacations, school projects, and of course the pictures I take for my blog! I'm no expert when it comes to taking pictures, but I enjoy looking at them, posing for them, and trying my hand behind the lens. It makes me excited when I get an artistic shot, or find one someone else took that really captures the object they focused on. For me, photography is just a fun thing to do with family and friends or when I'm playing around, but I respect serious photographers' artistic abilities.


Pearls-There is nothing more classy than a strand of pearls. A must-have for any fashionista, pearls are timeless and elegant, even if you wear them with jeans. Pearls give you just the right amount of respect, but still leave room for playfulness.

Now I pass on the challenge! Make a list of your favorite things and send me a link to your blog when you comment!


  1. My favourite 11 things:-
    1) J (something personal)
    2) my heels!!! (it will always be in the top of my list. can't live without them)
    3) movies (anything from romantic to horror to thriller)
    4) Rock music (quite versatile, as long as it rocks! death cab, bob dylan, dashboard confessionals, aerosmith, guns & roses and many many more)
    5) Sale (Flea market sale, Zara Sale, any sale!)
    6) Food (I love food. That seriously explains why I'm at the meaty side. haha.)
    7) blogging (my new found favourite!)
    8) my family
    9) my friends (they are funny, crazy and full of fun! love them so much)
    10) Taiping, my hometown in Perak, Malaysia.
    11) Pak Pak Wat Wat (aka white and smooth), that's the name of my car. He brings me everywhere!

    wow, i can see some similarities between us. :)