Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Reflections

Today I've thought of so much to blog about, but yet so little to focus mainly on. There are lots of little ideas in my head, but no complete subject. I've been blessed to have a long weekend this week (I didn't have school Friday and I won't be having it tomorrow) and I've been out doing quite a lot lately to take advantage of it. Friday, my sisters and I celebrated our annual "Sister's Day" with lunch at a fantastic new coffee house, frozen custard for the first time, and decorating tank tops with paint markers, sequins, and iron-on designs...they came out quite fabulously! Yesterday, my family and I went to UNH to tail-gate and watch the homecoming football game. The whole ride there and back I watched runway podcasts on my iPod...they're my new obssession! For dinner, we went to Rocky's Famous Burgers and I got the biggest burger I've ever had in my life!

My outfit for the day- Simple and warm, just leggings, a ruffled pink top (with a lace top underneath, covered by my hair), a black cardigan, and flats.

The California Burger- French fries, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and a whole bunch of other toppings I forget!

And now the fashion portion of the day!
I don't really have a specific topic, but currently, I've just been in the mood to awe at gorgeous designs.

I love how Marc Jacobs ventures outside the box, but still creates clothes that are wearable and maintain a sense of familiarity. Everyone knows Marc Jacobs by his style of design, but yet he never fails to surprise us every season. For spring he made a lot of frills and ruffles and gave ordinary jackets and pants volume. He also created the quirky idea of under-wear as over-wear, the type of trend that may not make it far itself, but maybe this will mean more structured shirts with bra-like shaping.

Marc Jacobs

Being a woman, Stella McCartney knows how to design for one. Her look for spring is fresh and gives an everyday style with a pop of color and frills. At her show, Stella showed off her long wavy hair, which usually she has up in a tight bun. I feel like this show was one that she was able to venture outside of her comfort zone and literally, "let her hair down." The addition of knock-out poof to a simple dress, pantsuit, ect., gives way to a new definition of playing with proportion. I also liked the natural make-up she used for her show. It's always fun to experiment with new make-up trends, but Stella showed the importance of remaining true to yourself and showing off your natural beauty.

Stella McCartney


  1. Stella McCartney's collection rocks!

  2. Stella is a legend... so gorgeous