Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Will Happen to His Label?

   As the fashion world knows, Alexander McQueen was found dead on Thursday, in his home in London. He was scheduled to launch his new collection in France next month for Paris fashion week. It is a shame the industry has lost such a creative mind, and I'm curious if anyone will carry on with his label. I would really like to know if he left his company to anyone or if he wanted to it to go down in history with him. As the investigations carry on, I'll be anxious to hear of any developments that answer these questions.

McQueen at his best...




  1. R.I.P Alexander McQueen !

    Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day to you !

    Thank you for visiting and commenting my blog !

    I'm enjoying your blog ^_^ I love each and every single post !

  2. Thanks for the comment! Love the layout on your blog! I was actually looking for some new fashion blogs to follow :) Happy valentines day!

  3. thats the same thing i have been wondering! i wonder if there will be a sucessor, and if so who will it be?

  4. I'm sure his company will go into the hands of someone. Since he took his own life, I'm sure his will will indicate who will get what. I hope all the details come out soon because I'm curious as well. Whoever gets put in charge will never be able to recreate McQueen's genius, but I hope they will do his vision justice...

  5. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I am following.

    I was wondering the same thing....

  6. It's so sad.. I still can't believe it!

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  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment :) I agree! What will happen to his label? He was such a genius and I wish this hadn't happened. I hate hearing about stuff like this - I guess he must have been really depressed :( So sad.

    Anyways! Love your blog! Great post and really pretty pictures!



  8. Still makes me sad when I think about him being gone. Not sure how I feel about his line still being produced without him at the head. thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful day!
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