Sunday, February 7, 2010

Currently in Love With...

...this dress from the Carolina Herra
Pre-Fall Collection,

Nina Ricci's Pre-Fall Collection,

Galliano's masterpieces for Christian Dior's Pre-Fall Collection,

Johnny Depp's cover on GQ,

the Marc Jacobs Stam Bag,

and these outfits by three stylish lookbook icons.

   It's only a week away from Valentine's Day so I've listed the things that currently have my heart. There are some really great Pre-Fall Collections that have surfaced and I had to show you some of my favorites. Dior's totally captivated me (I couldn't pick just a few looks so I put up practically the whole collection)! I love, love, love the 1940's look, mixing both the glamorous gowns and fur with leather jackets and army helmets. It shows both sides of the WWII era in a very wearable way.

   This month Johnny Depp was on the cover of GQ. He really is the only man on earth who can get older and still be just as sexy! I have seriously contemplated subscribing to GQ because there's always one of my favorite guys on the cover! One time I saw Channing Tatum in an issue while I was at the grocery store. I didn't have money with me, so I almost tore out the pages and made a mad dash for it!

   My current obsession, accessory wise, is the Marc Jacobs "Stam" bag. Named after one of my favorite models, Jessica Stam, it comes in both normal and mini sizes and would definitely be big enough to fit my life in! I always have to carry a huge purse at school in order to fit all my make-up, books (not text books, but reading books), pencils, and random stuff you probably wouldn't even want to know about. The bag I use now has already had enough, after only one semester. I jammed so much in it, the zipper broke!

   I can spend hours on, looking at all the marvelous outfits! There are so many that I wish were my outfits instead. I also envy the serious photographers who use really nice cameras and have those perfect looking pictures. I love my camera, but I think it's getting a little old. The quality of my pictures don't come out as well as they used to, and I think it would help to have better flash options. Maybe for my birthday I'll ask for another camera...something more advanced, while I'll still keep the one I have for fun pictures with friends and family.

I ordered my prom dress on gilt groupe last week! I'm so excited for it to arrive! It's a navy, brocade Badgley Mischka gown. My favorite part is this really pretty train that cascades down the back. I know I had a navy dress last year, but it's quite a lot different. I think I just have a thing for navy dresses!
Look for pictures in May!


  1. I so agree! and I love Nina's pre fall, the draping is gorgeous

  2. love all of it, especially Johnny :)

  3. love your obsessions. Anything Carolina or Nina is amazing in my book!

  4. loving everything, fabulous picks :)


    fall in love with kate moss...

  5. The first dress is stunning! I agree with you on all points in your post!! I really admire all the amazing outfits on Lookbook and it makes me wish I have a better camera too! xoxoxoxo

  6. Love this post! I love the "loving right now" posts. They make me so happy :) And Johnny Depp is gorgeous! I also love your new boots (a few posts back) and your outfit that you wore in your Grammys post. Did you get those jeans at Modcloth? I just ordered some that look exactly like it! Love your blog! Will definitley follow :)