Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Best of Celebrity Closets

   I've pondered the reasons why anyone would want to be a celebrity and the only one I can think of is for the clothes! Sure, it's probably exciting to be famous, but it must be tiring going to so many events, constantly being in tabloids, and losing all anonymity and privacy. For me, the only reason all that money would be worthwhile is having a closet filled to the brim with whatever clothes I want. Half the fun would be just decorating a closet to put my weekly designer purchases in! My dream closet would be as big as my bedroom with either a glamorous carpet or sophisticated hardwood flooring, a vintage wallpaper all around the walls, comfy chairs to lounge in while contemplating my newest outfit, lots of storage space and shelving, a glass table for all my jewelry, and of course, a glimmering chandelier. While I'm not a celebrity, I still love to think of new ideas to make my closet cuter, more organized, and more efficient. Some days, I feel like painting the walls pink, but other days I want to cover them with classy wallpaper. I keep everything organized by color-coding the clothing I hang and putting everything else in baskets and bins. I may never get mine to look like a movie star’s, but it’s still fun to marvel at the best closets of Hollywood.

In the center of Fergie's closet, a circular ottoman sits draped with luxurius fur...a closet fit for a queen!

Eva Longoria needs a ladder just to get to her top shelf!

Nikki Hilton has simple decor to focus on the clothes in her spacious closet.

Although I've never coveted Paula Abdul's outfits, she sure has plenty of covetable shoes!

You don't even need to see much of Sarah Jessica Parker's closet to know she has one of the best.

Kim Cattrall has an organized, clean closet, perfect for putting together a stylish outfit.

Olivia Palermo's closet is so stuffed with clothing, I'm not sure there are any walls in there!

My favorite closet is Olivia Wilde's. The rustic, wood paneled walls offset the fluffy rug, gorgeous vintage vanity, and black details seen in the hangers, chandelier, and chair.

Being a stylist for celebrities, Rachel Zoe definately has the wardrobe to match!

The stars sure love their animal print, and Kimora Simons is no exception.

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  1. Very fun post! It was interesting seeing all of the celebs closets...and all the shoes! :)

  2. I loved this post! If I had a closet like these, I think I would go for a simple one so the clothes stand out. Maybe a white one like SJP or Kim!

  3. I have closet envy!!


  4. thanks for following :) i LOVE this post. i agree that one of only reasons i'd be a celebrity is for the clothes...who wouldn't want a closet like that??

  5. I'm envious!! If only I have lots of stuff like them... :D

  6. This is just a very interesting post. These celebrity closets are just great! Even with very hectic schedules, these stars are still able to organize their closets. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope that you also include male celebrity closets. That would really be interesting because we will get to know who among the males are well-organized with their things.