Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Look For Less: Sienna Miller

The starlet walking the streets of NYC.

   One of my all-time favorite stylish stars is Sienna Miller. I love her as an actress and I love her as a fashionista. She has a bold style that she really takes ownership of. She makes casual bohemian look classy and she makes any gown look glamorous.  The best part about her style is her confidence. Every red-carpet pose dons a big grin and she's never one to be scared of expressing her style. Here is how to get her cool, laid-back weekend look...

Old Navy-boyfriend sweater-$24.50
Doki Geki-ruched sleeve boyfriend blazer-$48
American Eagle-crystal cord-$15.50
Forever 21-soft acid washed jean-$24.80
Wet Seal-stud bottom satchel-$24.50
Urban Outfitters-chelsea crew perforated oxford-$58

Total Outfit Cost: $195.30
Sienna's Loewe Bag: $1,650.37


  1. Wow! Thats a big price difference! I love Sienna's style as well! :) xoxo

  2. ahhh she always looks so amazing! i love her jjeans and that blazer is awesome

  3. I also found really cute vintage-looking shoes at Wet Seal! Love these stores, and love the looks! Nice job, Jenny, as always! :)

  4. i love her! such a great look, love the jeans especially.

  5. Sienna Miller is the best, we love her

    Olivia & Mariam