Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August Wishlist

     I easily get sucked into sites like Ebay, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria's Secret for three reasons...1) they always have new things to discover; 2) the possibility of finding something cheap is guaranteed; and 3) there are so many wondrous things that it's impossible to look at just one! I spend so long browsing on those sites, I really don't want to know the total hours I waste every week shopping online. The one thing that saves me...I don't have a job, therefore I have no money...which means whenever I see something I like online, there's no way for me to impulsively buy it! Do I wish I could? Heck ya! But I'm probably saving myself a lot of trouble by not getting into that habit...yet!

      So instead of actually buying the things I lust after, I settle with making a wishlist. That way I can get them out of my head with the intention of getting them someday, while in the back of my mind I know I'll soon forget them and find new things to marvel at!

Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert
$12.99 on Amazon

There's been so much buzz about the movie, but the general consensus seems to be a let down. To me, it sounds like a really interesting story and I don't understand how a movie with Julia Roberts AND James Franco (wink, wink...I love him in case you didn't know!) could be bad. I've been debating whether to read the book first or rush to the theater. Either way, I still want to read it because it sounds like a novel with more substance than the ones I normally read for fun.

I also thought these perfumes were cute because they're inspired by each country Elizabeth traveled to. 

You Don't Know Jacques-OPI
$8.00 from

I've wanted this color for the longest time and since fall nail color trends don't seem to be straying much from this beautiful "mushroom" color, I still have time to try it!

Guest texturized flats-Enzo Angiolini
$49.99 on Solestruck

I recently got a pair of gorgeous Enzo Angiolini heels from a thrift store and they are my absolute favorite shoes now. They are well crafted, comfortable, and the type of shoes that make you feel like you're taking every step in luxury. I need a nice pair of black flats and these are perfect. "They" (being fashion experts) always say that the items worth splurging on are the basics that will last you forever. I couldn't agree more!  Enzos are classy, versatile, and well-built shoes that I trust to keep me happy for a very long time.

Eppi Casual Kellybag
$82.99 on

This looks a lot like one of my past school purses, so I must have a thing for short-handled, wide bags with a bit of posh. The simple design goes with anything and the minty color makes it fun and unusual.

Open Stitch Sweater-NY & Co.

Aside from a few bulky sweaters I've been craving, this is the one sweater I need for my cooler-weather wardrobe. It could be worn layered or alone with a good pair of jeans to make any autumn day better!

Sateen Boxer Pajama Set-Victoria's Secret

I love wearing boxers to bed. They come in so many cute and comfy styles that they are no longer just a staple for men! This pair from VS is unbeatable and comes in three different colors, plus a matching v-neck. You can't go wrong with that!

Zip Short Denim Skirt-Vero Moda
7.49 € on

Most denim skirts are the same mainstream minis or boring knee-lengths, so when I find one that catches my eye I really want it! Denim is currently the coolest fabric for clothing so I think designers are becoming more creative with the ways they can use it. I like a lot of the acid washing and bleaching I've seen lately and this skirt is a perfect example.

Classy-Derek Blasberg

Yet another much-talked-about book to read! It's such a clever idea to base a book on and I have a guilty pleasure for do's and don'ts! The illustrations look hilarious!

Lily Camel Haircalf Leather purse-Mulberry
995 € at

It's a bit on the pricey side, but I just love to look at it! Leopard is a hot print this fall and this is a good use for it. Having it on a purse makes it easy to incorporate into an outfit with just an accent of the busy print. An added bonus? You can tuck the straps inside to use as it a clutch for more formal, night looks.

Query suede bootie-Jeffrey Campbell
$97 + free shipping on Ebay

I've acquired a new obsession with Jeffrey Campbell and these shoes in particular. The black booties that I've had for the past two winters have succumb to much wear and tear, so I really want to get a new pair...they are a must-have in my wardrobe! I am in LOVE with these! The ruffles, the twisted "unicorn" heel, the black suede, all make for a very powerful shoe!


Make sure you guess who belongs to these shoes!


  1. I just saw Eat Pray Love tonight. I was super amazing. I want to read the book too! I'm loving that leopard bag--it's so gorgeous. This is an awesome wishlist!

    xo, gina

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