Monday, August 16, 2010

Day Trip

   This weekend my family and I took a spontaneous day trip to Portsmouth, NH. It is such a cute city with amazing little boutiques and delicious restaurants lining the streets. I love going to downtown areas like Portsmouth because it's a nice break from trees, farms, mountains, and MORE TREES!

We came upon a really cute shop called Odd Showroom and
my mom, sister, and I couldn't resist going inside!

It's filled with really great vintage finds and leather handbags and shoes. 

The owner, Amity Joy, also creates crocheted and hand sewn clothing and
accessories that make the store one of the finest in the area.

Even after looking around for some time, I didn't feel like I saw nearly enough. If my dad and brother weren't waiting for us outside, I definately would've stayed there much longer. Next time I go to Portsmouth, I look forward to paying another visit and actually buying something there!

For more information about Odd Showroom, go to...

     I discovered a cosmetic store that carries popular brands such as Philosophy, Too Faced, Nars, Stila, and OPI. It was cute, but there wasn't a lot to look at unless I was going there to search for something particular. Plus, I can't stay in make-up stores as long as I can in clothing stores...once I've seen a couple lipsticks and an eyeshadow I'm ready to leave!

To find out more about Making Faces, go to...

     We took a break from walking around and sat outside with some coffee at Breaking New Grounds. It was the second time I've been there so I already knew how good their coffee and gelato is, yet I was astounded by the white mocha frappe. It was perfectly sweetened (I don't like a lot of sugar) and satisfied my java cravings for the day.

     Before figuring out where to go for dinner we browsed a couple more stores. In one of them I found this awesome tee...I think it can read my mind!

We decided to eat at the Portsmouth Brewery. I got the curry vegetable soup
and summer salad served with pretzel bread. It was delish!

   While we waited for our table, my mom took me and my sister to a neat bohemian store. They carried everything from Indian-style bangles and scarves to beautifully crafted jewelry and fun dresses. I'll be showing you the unique bracelet I got in a post to come!

     To end the lovely evening, we picked up some ice cream at a place we had spotted earlier on in the day and ate it in an area overlooking the water.

I postponed the next "Who belongs to these shoes?" post becuase nobody guessed yet, but I'll be posting it next week. I promise!


  1. Love that place, looks super cool...Wish I was in New Hampshire or around there to be able to shop there :)

    -California Girl

  2. Ooh fun stuff! I know what you mean about dads and brothers...I was shopping with my mom and sister in RI, and we had to rush because my brothers were complaining

  3. i love vintage stores!!! :)

    come check my blog and hope you subscribe to mine if you like it. thanks hun! - Janelle