Friday, July 8, 2011

South Carolina

     Hey everyone! I got back earlier this week from my trip with my family to Charleston, South Carolina to visit my sister, Heather. It was so much fun and we even got to visit our long-time family friends for a day too. The weather was hot every day, which wasn't a problem for me at all, but the water was always warm! So as enjoyable as it was to swim in it, it wasn't very refreshing. We spent a couple days walking around in downtown Charleston and looking around in little shops. The town is so beautiful and the houses are gorgeous!

The first day that we spent in downtown Charleston we ate lunch at a yummy Greek restaurant.

I just had to get a couple pictures in front of Louis Vuitton!

The palm trees were such a pretty touch lining the sidewalks.

My brother and I had a water gun war in our friends' pool!  

There were some really ornate front doors on all the beautiful homes in the Battery of Charleston.

The smaller homes were just picturesque!

This theater looked like a cute hang-out spot.
This church gave the town such an old-world feel.
We stopped walking around for a little ice-cream break!
This home overlooking the water was one of my favorites.
Heather and I posing at the Charleston Crab House.

We got these bracelets earlier that day at the Charleston City Market. The woman who made them uses authentic materials from Africa and embraces her heritage by creating unique jewelry designs. You can visit her website and look through the jewelry that she sells online here.
Last, but not least, my sister's little puppy Doberman named Brody. He's so adorable!

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