Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Belongs to These Shoes Vol. 28

The answer to the last week's pair...

Elle Fanning

The young starlet wore a Dolce & Gabbana romper with her matching floral
wedges at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in California.

She even added clever, lilac eyeliner to her otherwise very minimal-chic makeup look.

Here with JJ Abrams, Joel Courtney, and Steven Spielberg.

Where to find shoes like Elle's:"  style="outline:none;border:none">" alt="Naturalizer, Moda Spana, Tommy Hilfiger, Chinese Laundry" style="margin:0;border:0 none;position:absolute;left:0;top:0">" style="color:#606060;background-color:transparent;font:11px Verdana,sans-serif;text-decoration:none">Sandals at DSW" style="color:#606060;background-color:transparent;font:11px Verdana,sans-serif;text-decoration:none">Platforms by Chinese Laundry"> src="" alt="ShopStyle" style="border-style:none;position:absolute;right:6px;bottom:6px;margin:0">

This will be my last regularly posted Who Belongs to These Shoes. I would like to focus my time on different subjects in posts, but I will still post these from time to time.
See the full WBTS archive here.

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