Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Wishlists

     I never grew up believing in Santa Claus, but every year I still compile a wishlist right when the Christmas season begins! Since I can remember, I've always taken my time to make an organized, pretty, and detailed list. I rate the items I want most, give all the specifics (price, size, color), and include lots of pictures. I recently began included stocking stuffer ideas and the pjs I want for my family's tradition of getting pajamas on Christmas Eve. Sure, I sort of go a little overboard, but my siblings and I have loved making these lists since the days we would sift through Toys R Us and American Girl catalogs. It's just one more thing that gets me in the mood for the holidays and a good way to exchange gift ideas with everyone else. Here are some things I'm wishing for this year...

Christmas 2011 Wishlist

tights - Kings of Leon documentary - chocolate - gift cards - Victoria's Secret sweaters -
magazines - perfume - Patriots boxers/tee set

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