Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Fad to Forget

     Flip-flops, Crocs, Uggs...they all fall under the same family tree. At one point everyone wore them and no one seemed to question it because the comfort of these shoes blinded everyone from their ugliness. Now for the most part, the fashion world has had enough. Sensible people have come to the realization that Ugg boots are repulsive and outdated, but when it comes to comfort and functionality many consumers still don't seem to have a problem sacrificing style. Yes, maybe they really are the best boots to keep your toes warm while trudging through feet of snow, but why do Uggs have to be so prominent on the street when they are really only fit to be in dumpsters? We need boots that are like the more stylish younger sister of Uggs. That's why I'm asking...
Is there an alternative to the Ugg boot?

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs - luggage suede wedge booties - $159.99
I love these because they are streamlined and simple and the wedge makes the boot sophisticated.

2. Rebecca Minkoff - toffee suede 'Dime' crepe wedge boots - $277
These are a great color because they'll go with anything.

Flat leather boots create a tougher look, while the rubber soles will keep you from slipping on ice. 

4. Prada - suede shearling lined boots - $712
These have very similar look to Uggs, but with seam details and a contrast sole they are much classier.

5. Koolaburra -  'Lexie' lace-up short wedge boots - $171
What an Ugg would look like if it were designed by Rachel Zoe. The wedge, fur, and lace-ups totally elevate the look.

6. Stella McCartney - faux shearling 'Kickapoo' tall boots - $500  
It's all in the length! Without the over-the-knee style and the marvelous, gold zipper, these boots would have nothing. However, Stella knows how to add luxury to an everyday basic.

A more Western style, these boots are perfect basics with an edge.

8. Gucci - khaki gg suede buckled boots - $580
Complete with the Gucci-logo pattern and a buckle on the side, these boots are for the ideal prep.

     Okay people! So I've shown you a whole bunch of shoes that have potential to be stylish alternatives to the Ugg and I think I've answered my question. Please do me a favor and throw out your Uggs and buy somewhat presentable boots! It's your civic duty to leave the Ugg-era behind and begin a new time when people respect their feet no matter how much snow covers the ground.

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