Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome Back!

          Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog! I've been on quite a hiatus lately. After the holidays, I visited my boyfriend in Albany for New Years and only a couple days later we were off to New Jersey for a film shoot. Andy directed and I was there to do hair and makeup. Those eight days were a combination of fun, boredom, frustration, meeting great new people, and above all, a huge learning experience. Once we got back to NY, we spent a day exploring in the city. Our last stop was NH, where he brought me home and spent a few days relaxing with me.


On New Years Eve, Andy drove me to see the Lights in the Park in Albany, NY.
Celebrating at midnight!
A wedding hairstyle I did for Andrea on the first day of shooting. 
In my little makeup corner where I chilled for a lot of the shoot.
The special effects makeup I did on Jake for one of many boxing scenes.
Working on Andrea's gunshot wound!
That's my boyfriend directing!
Spraying blood on Liam for a gruesome scene.
I helped with the set design in this scene!
At the Met with Andy!
The Egyptian exhibit was one of my favorites!
I can cross "Go to mood" off my bucket list!
I fell in love with a lion at FAO Schwartz.
Just being kids in a toy store!
He took me to see the windows at Bergdorf & Goodman.
We got dinner at an awesome sandwich shop called Num Pang.
I loved the underground, graffiti theme.
We both got really yummy fish sandwiches, mine with catfish, his with mahi-mahi. 

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